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December 6, 2012
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I've seen and experienced more horror than my friends, family, even my own master. I was a riolu when I had my first emotional scar. But I'll start out with the day I was born, I assume that some of you know how most Pokemon are born, some are born the same as humans, but others are born from eggs. I was one of those Pokemon that was born from an egg. My mother and father were the only ones that were there the day I was born, I was a wild Pokemon when I was born. My mother placed me in the center of Entera Forest for my birth place. The second I hatched, a bright ray of an angelic sun light shone through. My mother and father were both astonished, soon after I was born, my father prepared for the war.  

My mother and I bonded very quickly and took me everywhere she went. She was the only friend I've ever known in my young life. But soon, hunters came to take me, but my mother put me in hiding, I couldn't even bare to look, so I just ran as far as I could. I stopped for a while to rest. I fell asleep for at least when dusk approached. "Mommy? Where are you? Mommy!"

I got up on my feet and searched for her. I began hearing a voice, it was a girl's voice, but it wasn't my mother's voice. "Huh.......a dead lopunny. Looks like my aura powers were right, there was a dead corpse here in the middle of the forest......Which means hunters are around here some where.......I'd better find them and give 'em what for to kill an innocent Pokemon that didn't even do anything to them!" I peeked throw the bushes, I saw a figure which looked like a lucario, but before I could clearly identify it, it was gone at lighting speed. I found my mother's body, I ran to her and was happy that I found her. But little did I know that she was the dead lopunny. "Mommy! I found you.....but why are you so cold?'re not talking to me....why? Mommy? Mommy?"

I rolled her over and her eyes were closed. "Mommy?.....Wake up! Are you sleeping?" I placed my tiny paw on her chest, she wasn't breathing. I grew scared and worried. "Mommy?" I felt around her belly, all I felt was was blood. "Mommy!" I called for her. "MOMMY!" I cried for her, I was scared and alone. I cried and ran away from my mother's corpse. I found a pile of soft moss and flowers for me to sleep on. I cried myself to sleep. I still longed for a mother figure that would protect, care, tender, and love me. The next morning I heard the same voice again, but it was louder and it woke me up. "Hey! Guys! I found a riolu! It looks like it's still a baby!" The voices began to mix with girl and boy voices, I was scared. I backed way, and hid in the bushes. "Hm.....I know what'll make him come out of hiding." "I want my mommy!" I was even more scared when I saw the figure in person and it's friends. An aroma of sweet honey and warm milk filled the area around me. I sniffled a little, I had to admit I was a hungry and couldn't find anything to eat.

The voice soon began to coax me like a lullaby. "Come on, come on. It's okay, we're not gonna hurt ya." My head poked through, I saw a baby bottle in the girl's paw. "Mm!" I was a little nervous. "It's okay, baby, it's okay." I crawled out of the bushes and toward the girl. "That's it, you're a good boy. Good boy." I got closer to her and climbed on her lap. She gentle toke one of her arms and cradled me and fed me from the bottle. "Hungry, aren't you, sweetie?" A young man keeled down next to her. "So, Caitlin, you gonna name him or what?" "Alex, I'll name him.....I think I'll call you...Lucario Sheldon Aura. But some of you will be able to call you Sheldon. They'll call you Mr. Aura when you get a little older." "Rio! Riolu!"

Was I think all the could hear. "I knew you'd love it!" I was confused....the girl...Caitlin, she could understand what I'm saying? " do know that Pokemon can't talk unless you teach them...right?" "Alex, I could understand him!" "I'll heard was 'Rio! Riolu'" Alex said in a high pitched voice when saying 'Rio! Riolu!' ("I don't talk like that!") "Come on, we'd better take him home." 'I wonder if that dead lopunny was his mother...' "Sheldon...that lopunny I found last night...was that your mother?" My eyes teared up and I cried like a baby....because I was a baby, I couldn't help but remind myself of my dead mother. "That was your mom, wasn't it?" I couldn't stop crying. "Shh, it's okay, shh. Don't worry. I can be your mother if you want me to." I wiped my eyes. "Rio?" "Yes, I promise that I won't let anyone hurt you....Sheldon." "Riolu!"  I nuzzled my head close to her heart. She began singing a low tune, I was lulled to sleep by only her heart beat and a lullaby.

Years past, I was cared for, tendered, protected, nurtured, and loved by my master, she was the only mother I've ever known. But even she knew that I was about to evolve into a lucario soon, no matter how hard it was for her to let me go, she still wanted me to stay. She thought that if I ever evolved, I'd leave her someday.  I see her almost everytime on the couch looking out the window with a depressed expression on her face. "Caitlin. you do know that I won't be a baby forever." "I know that, Sheldon....but you'll always be my baby." "Caitlin! YOU NEED TO STOP CALLING ME THAT! I'M NOT A BABY ANYMORE!" "Lucario Sheldon Aura, don't you dare raise your voice like that at me!" I ran far from her as I could, I ran off to God knows where. "Why does she treat me like I'm a baby?!? I'm a grown man!" "But you haven't even evolved yet." I spun around to find the love of my life, Luna Dusk Aurora. But instead of being a riolu, she was a lucario...and much more beautiful than ever.

"Luna, finally evolved!''re so beautiful." She giggled at me, I smiled and blushed at her. "Thank you, Sheldon. You and Caitlin having problems again?" "Yes, why is she always treating me like a baby! I'm not a baby anymore!" Luna keeled down next to me and lifted me from my feet and held me in her arms. "It's because she loves you and wants to protect you at all costs. Wolf told me that she made that same promise when she first got you."

"Yeah, it's true." Luna picked me up and held me close to her chest. I felt so safe whenever I was around her. "I think you'd be the luckiest Pokemon alive to have someone like Caitlin." "Yeah, I guess so." We stayed silent for what seemed like an hour. Finally I had to confess my feelings to her since the day I first lead an eye on her. "Luna, I lo-lov-love you." I began to blush when I said that. I didn't know what would happen after that. Luna smiled and said "I love you too, Sheldon." The next thing I know, she planted a kiss right in the kisser! I soon felt all tingly and started glowing. I also felt myself getting larger in both size and power.

After growing I examined myself for a while. "Sheldon! You've evolved! And you're so handsome." Luna had a dreamy look on her face, I was jumping for joy, I was the happiest Pokemon alive. "Luna! You  gotta tell everyone! And if you need me, I'll be near the old oak tree three blocks from the barn." "Okay, handsome." She pecked my cheek and ran off to tell everyone. I walked all the way to the old oak tree with a dreamy look on my face. I sat against the tree thinking about mine and Luna's future.

"Ah, Luna and I are the perfect match. First, we'll start the perfect romantic dinner tonight, then on Christmas Eve I'll ask her paw in marriage, on Valentines Day our wedding, then a bundle of joy will be on board after we're married!" I sighed in a dreamy tone, I sat against the tree for an hour. The peace was disturbed by Scar the luxray and Kevin the lucario, I'll get to those two later. They were both laughing loudly and walked up to me, they always did like making fun of me. "Hey look! It's Mama's boy!" Kevin hooted. "What's wrong with being a mama's boy?" I asked in a cheerful tone.

Scar was suddenly suspicious about my happy mood. "Why are you so cheerful, weakling?" "Haven't you noticed? I've evolved!" "We can see that, stupid!" Kevin barked. "Nothing you say or do to me, can ruin my bad mood, boys!" Scar was annoyed by this. "You think you're so tough and strong, don't you? But in reality you still have the mind of an infant." "So? What's wrong with that?" "It means that you are still the weakest and the most timid out of all the lucarios in the world!" "Oh yeah? Want me to prove it?" Scar smirked and chuckled at me. "Yes, I challenge you to have a Pokemon battle with Kevin!" I smiled and raised a brow. "Deal!"

We started out on the Pokemon battle field only two feet from the barn. I remember that battle well. I started off with an aura sphere, Kevin dodged it and used a more powerful aura sphere. Then I uses bone rush. He dodged that too and used one ten times as strong. I wasn't gonna allow myself to lose this chance to prove I was strong. I used all I knew, Kevin dodged them all. He used mega punch, mega kick, force palm and lastly aura storm. I was knocked out.

I should include that I was younger then Kevin only by six or seven years. I got back up on my feet and struggled to stand up, my legs were changing from muscle to jelly. A huge lump in my throat was growing, I tried fighting the tears. Scar laughed, it was like a hyena with a never ending laughing ringing in my ear drums. Kevin's laughing was much more harsh, cruel, and of course louder. "See? You're just a wuss in a lucario's body!" I slowly started crying. "Damn, Scar! You were right after all! He's a big baby!" They walked away, leave my heart in a thousand broken pieces.

Sadness soon grew to a fiery anger. "I AM SO STRONG!!!" I yelled to the roof tops. "I'll show you who's the toughest, bravest, and strongest!" I took off running into the forest, I ran deeper and deeper. Oh I was really Naive as a young lucario, I still had the wit and mind of an egg, baby, and young riolu all in one.
Sheldon: Hey everyone! My friend Caitlin, couldn't make it to say this, so I'll do it for her. Anyway this is my life story, it's sad from the beginning, but after my mother died, Caitlin took me as her own son. Then a few days or so I meet Luna (which we'll get to that later in the story.) and she and I finally KISSED!!!! ^^...Then we meet the meanest Pokemon God ever breathed his breath on! Scar and Kevin! Then after I battled Chris's D-Bag of a brother, I was kinda disappointed that I lost and only proved I was weak, I take off running to one of the biggest mistakes of my life!


Sheldon: AH! =O.....Hehe....Hi Caitlin....^^;


Sheldon: Caitlin! There are people watching...or reading in our case!

Oh right, I'll finish this.

I own nothing anything copyrighted belongs to the rightful owners.

Sheldon: You're not mad about that are you?

We need to talk!

Sheldon: Okay....

Kevin the lucario belongs to ~hondasarecool
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Shiron-the-Windragon Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where'd you find the picture for this story?
I found it here. I sadly don't have the link to it.
Shiron-the-Windragon Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Judging from the artist's signature, it looks like it was drawn by Aonik, but when I went that artist's page here, it wasn't there. Dangit. now I really want this picture!
Okay, I forgot that I found it on Google, I forget things sometimes. ^^; Sorry about that.
ChrisTheAwesomeCario Dec 6, 2012  Student General Artist
He locked you in a closet?

Sheldon: You just kept on hogging my spotlight!

ChrisTheAwesomeCario Dec 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Chris: I can see that.

Wait what?!
Sheldon: See?

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