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A young female trainer ran through the forest and stopped at the sight of a near by Pokémon Center. She ran to the door, banging on it hard and loud. "Hello! Anyone here?!?" A young male trainer, still in his bed, awoke to the loud banging and scratched the back of his head. He walked down the steps and opened the door. The trainer entered and smiled. "Thanks, is Nurse Joy here?" The boy just shook his head but smiled. "But I'd help you out with any Pokemon that needs to rest." The female smiled. "Yes, but it's only my Riolu, he's not feeling well, I think he's got a fever." The boy took the girl's Riolu in his arms, the tiny Riolu (still an infant) cried heavily from the burning feeling, the aches and pains from his arms, legs, and stomach.

The boy gave her a room key. "Don't worry, I'm sure your Riolu will be fine, probably just a cold with a stomachache." He smiled comfortingly at the Riolu, seeing his tags, he still had that smile on his face. "So, his name's Sheldon, huh?"

"Yeah." The girl smiled. "My name's Caitlin, by the way."

"I'm Alex." The boy pointed to another trainer and his Jolteon in the lobby. "And that's Joe and his Jolteon, Austin."

Caitlin smiled at Joe and Austin. "It's nice to meet you both." They smiled back and nodded.

Caitlin walked up to her room and sat in bed, being worried and concern about Sheldon's health, still hearing his cries. She teared up a bit herself, worrying about Sheldon not living. Later that same night, Alex entered Caitlin's room, holding Sheldon in his arms. Caitlin saw this and rose from her feet. "Is he gonna be okay?" She asked in concern and fear. He only smiled to comfort her nerves. "He's going to be fine, just a few oran berries with some Moo-moo milk and he'll be fine." Caitlin sighed in relief and took Sheldon in her arms and smiled happily at him as he slept. "Thanks. Hey, I wanted to ask you if you, Joe, and his Jolteon wanted to come with me while I traveled around until I'm ready for the next travel to the next Pokémon League." Alex smiled and nodded. "But if you see a shiny Umbreon around, he's not mine, but he follows me a lot, so don't worry." He walked out of the room and closed the door.

Caitlin put Sheldon in a near by baby basket, smiling down as she saw him sucking on his paw in his sleep, and lightly petted his head. She yawned a bit and slipped into sleep herself.

The next morning, Everyone was out, something had caught Sheldon's eye around the Pokémon Center. It was a shiny Umbreon, he smiled, cooed a bit, and reached out for the Umbreon.

The Umbreon, a bit scared, walked up to Sheldon and gently licked a tuff of fur on the top of Sheldon's head and smiled a bit. Sheldon giggled, clapping his tiny paws together playfully. He then reached out his tiny paws, wanting the Umbreon to lift him up. Sheldon released a tiny whine from his mouth and tears lite up in his eyes. The Umbreon chuckled and laid down for the little one to crawl on his back, the little babe crawled on the Umbreon's back. "Yay, piggyback!" He squeaked happily while his fluffy tail swayed back and forth. Austin, being careful to watch over Sheldon, had saw this and walked up to the Umbreon, feeling curious. "Um, hello." The Umbreon smiled back. "Hey, you must be Austin." I know I've seen this Umbreon around here a few times before, but this is getting a bit strange. He's been popping up everywhere and yet, I haven't seen him with Alex... Austin's thoughts swam through this many times about the Umbreon.

Caitlin walked out of the PC seeing the Umbreon, she smiled at it. "Hey there." She walked up to it, but it seemed to be in a bit of fear and quietly growled at her. Caitlin was confused. "Hey, it's okay, I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm friendly." It continued this for what seemed like an hour. Until finally it ran off with Sheldon. Caitlin chased after it. "Hey! Come back with my Riolu!" Joe heard from the outside and ran off to follow them, Austin followed behind. The trio soon caught up to the Umbreon, seeing it sat in a cave, curled up around Sheldon, the little Riolu was fast asleep sucking his tiny paw in his mouth. The Umbreon looked at the trio and smiled at them in a friendly mood.

Caitlin smiled back and offered a berry to the Umbreon. It took the berry and gave it to Sheldon so he'd have something to eat when he woke up. Caitlin smiled at the sight. Even though she gave the berry to the Umbreon to eat. “Hey, how about you come with us, Umbreon?” The Umbreon stared at Caitlin for a while, then tackled her and brought her falling on her back and gently licked her face, with a tail wag. Caitlin started to giggle. “I'll take that as a yes.”  

Soon the group all headed off to Hearthome City, for the next Pokemon Contest Caitlin was about to enter. Austin walked up to the Umbreon when in curiosity. “Hello, you look kind of look familiar.” The Umbreon lead him and Sheldon to a near by PC room away from Joe and the others. “Well, don't tell anyone this, but it's really me, Alex. I'm an Umbreon with special powers.” Austin was a bit surprised and somehow in a bit of disbelief. But needed proof. “Well, can you prove it, please?” The Umbreon nodded and transformed into his human form. Austin jumped back a bit and Alex smiled. “See? It really is me.” Caitlin and Joe saw this randomly after Caitlin returned from the Pokémon Contest. They were both awestruck and amazed. Alex was back in his Umbreon form and saw them. “I can explain.” But they both already understood, Alex smiled as they understood. The group soon reached the PC for a rest. It was then Caitlin had an idea, she would soon head back home to Twinleaf Town. Maybe I can get them to stay for a while and make them part of my family. She soon then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning the group ate their breakfast and headed outside. “So, where are we going now?” Alex asked. Sheldon, cradled in Caitlin's arms, started to coo a bit. “We can go to Sunnyshore and play on the beach for a little while, guys.” Caitlin suggested as she dragged out her Charizard and they all hopped on his back and set off for Sunnyshore for sun, sand, water and fun. Once they all got to beach, they started to have fun, Austin watched Sheldon carefully and helped him build a sandcastle as Sheldon clapped his paws. Alex layed under the sun and smiled in relaxation. Joe began swimming and Caitlin joined along with sandcastle building, swimming and sunbathing. Once dust had struck, they all headed back to the PC for rest.

The next few days the group continued to travel. Soon it came to a day of Sheldon being evolved. He was so happy that his new friends were traveling with him and Caitlin. He was jumping for joy, when he got a funny feeling. He began to glow and grow bigger. He was soon a Lucario. Everyone was happy. Alex jumped on Sheldon and licked his face. “Okay, Alex, I know you're excited! I am too.” Sheldon was talking as if he was able to talk all along. Everyone was surprised at that. "Wow, you're talking like you could talk all along, Sheldon." Austin commented. Alex smiled. "We're really proud of you, Sheldon." Sheldon smiled and blushed a bit. But it wasn't long that they reached Caitlin's ranch in Twinleaf Town.

Caitlin was at the door of her house. "Joe, Austin, and Alex. I have an announcement to make to all of you. We've been traveling and having fun all through out our travels. We've been through the good times and the bad times and I want to welcome you all and Joe's family to my own family." Caitlin smiled and hugged all of her new friends. And later that same night, they all celebrated with a bonfire and a "Welcome to our Family" party.

:phew: Finally up. ^^ I apologize for the long wait and if it's short :icontankdestryer1: ^^; but I hope you like it. ^^ And I also want to tell you that I'll be using you as a shiny Umbreon for a few stories of mine that will be posted in the future and :iconj-jolt135: I might even use some of your characters as well if that's okay with you. ^^ I hope you like it guys. ^^

Austin the Jolteon belongs to :iconj-jolt135:

And the shiny umbreon form of himslef belongs to :icontankdestryer1:

Sheldon the Riolu/Lucario belongs to ME! X3

Lucario, Umbreon, and Jolteon belongs to Pokémon Co., GameFreak, and Nintendo

I own nothing anything copyrighted belongs to the rightful owners
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I like the Story :3
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I'm glad you like it. ^^
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