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I am now doing a tag thing, if any of you aren't up to doing tags or just don't want to do it, that's alright with me. None of you have to do it if you don't want to. =3 


1.) You must pick 1 or more characters and create 3 or more questions for them to answer. (fursonas, pokesonas, ect.)
2.) Keep the questions at a certain rating (PG, G, R, ect.)

In this tag, I'll be using Sheldon as an example.

1.) What's your name?
Lucario Sheldon Aura or Sheldon.

2.) Do you have a family?
A dad, stepmom, two younger baby siblings, a foster sister, a foster brother, two godfathers/uncles, a wife, a close friend who's like a brother, and about three kids and an adopted daughter.

3.) Intresting. What's your favorite hobby?
I just like spending time with my family is all. Mostly playing with my kids.

4.) What are you scared of?
Everything. OnO

5.) What do you do for a living?
Sing at a restraunt and perform on stage there.

6.) Few more to go. What's the best thing that's happened to you in your life?
Marrying Luna. *blushes*

7.) Awww. How about the worst thing that's happened to you?
When my Momma died....

8.) Awww, I'm really sorry. about things that make you happy?
My wife, my kids, my family, chocolate, and anything that brings a smile to my face.

9.) Awesome sauce! Do you like taking this quiz?
I guess so. It's okay.

10.) Well, I'm sorry that the quiz is over so...what are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna swim in a pool of chocolate!!!!!! OuO *dives into a pool of chocolate*

I now tag the following: :iconcole-the-riolu: :iconshadewolfbuizel: :iconelizabethpeterson: :icontheagentmyers: :iconzach-usa: :iconjd2022092: And if anyone else finds it and wants to do it....BE MY GUEST!!!!! ^U^


All Hollows Eve For PastaGirls by CaitlinTheLucario
All Hollows Eve For PastaGirls
Aya and I are gonna go trick-or-treating and to a party as Laughing Jack and Jeff the Killer. 

Happy Halloween :pumpkin:

Aya-ME! X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and GameFreak
Charizard flew over the skies and landed gently on the ground, allowing it’s trainer and her Lucario to slide off it’s wing.

It’s trainer smiled and feed it a cupcake. “Good job, Dragon.” Dragon roared quietly and devoured the cupcake with a smile.

As soon as the fire dragon finished the cupcake, it’s trainer returned it to it’s pokéball. “You deserve a nice long rest.” The trainer placed the pokéball in her back and looked at her Lucario.

It seemed frightened by something. The trainer walked over to her Lucario. “Sheldon, what’s the matter?” Sheldon only whimpered.

The trainer realized what was wrong. “You don’t like this place, do you?” Sheldon shook his head and whimpered more.

The trainer hugged her Lucario. “It’s okay. I’m here with you.” The Lucario tried to force down the urge to scream in terror, but his voice wouldn’t work.

“Excuse me, miss? Are you Trainer Caitlin?” A young man’s voice broke the brief moment of silence.

The trainer looked over to the young looking man. “Yes, sir. I am.” The young trainer smiled. “It’s nice to meet you then. The name’s Brad. I’m sure you’ve heard of my grandfather, Mr. Fuji.” Caitlin nodded.

“I was told to come here by him from a letter that my Pidgey delivered a day ago. I didn’t want to hesitate by walking, so I took my Charizard to fly here as fast as we could get here.” Brad nodded.

“I see. Well, follow me then. I’m sure you heard that Lavender Town is a “ghost town” right?” Caitlin nodded, her Lucario clinged on to her.

“There’s a reason for that. It’s due to the Lavender Town Tower and legends and stories.” Brad turned to the young trainer. “And that white hand on your shoulder.” He smirked.

Caitlin giggled. “Very funny. I don’t believe in that kind of thing, Brad.” Brad laughed. “I figured you’d be scared, but you’ve been here before, haven’t you?” Caitlin nodded.

As the two entered Mr.Fuji’s home, Caitlin noticed it was more like a miniature PokéFarm or PokéRanch of some kind. “I suppose your grandfather’s a caretaker of orphaned and/or abandoned Pokémon?”

Brad nodded. “Indeed. My grandfather enjoys Pokémon so much, he takes care of them and keeps them here until a trainer wants to adopted them. Since then, he’s had tons of volunteers.”

Caitlin smiled.

All of the Pokémon seemed happy and comfortable here. She then turned to a Cubone. It was huddled up in the corner.

It seemed to be frightened and slightly angry. “What’s wrong with that one?”

Brad looked at the little one. “It’s a baby Cubone. It only trusts my grandfather. Team Rocket killed it’s mother, since then, it never trusted anyone but my grandfather.”

Caitlin’s eyes widened. “Sheldon’s mother was killed by Team Rocket too.” Brad looked at Caitlin in shock.

Caitlin nodded. “The Cubone and Sheldon have that much in common at least. Only Sheldon hates Team Rocket and everything they stand for.”

Brad frowned. “I’m...sorry for your Lucario’s loss. It must’ve been pretty hard on him.” Caitlin nodded.

Sheldon walked up to the little Cubone. The little skulled Pokemon held the bone club tight in it’s fist, it looked like it was ready to attack. Sheldon suddenly put his paws on the little Cubone’s shoulders and slowly lifting the little Pokemon off the ground, cradling it in his arms.

“I know how you feel, little guy.” Was what the Lucario whispered to the bone Pokemon.

They both had no mother, they both had the strongest grudge against Team Rocket, and they both knew what they were going through.


Later that day, there was a call from Mr. Fuji. Brad picked up the phone and answered it. Caitlin didn’t bother to intervene on the phone call. Brad later hung up the phone. He looked over to the young female trainer.

“Halloween’s coming up and my grandpa’s throwing a party here. We were wondering if you’d like to come.”

Caitlin nodded. “I’d love to. Is there anything else?”

Brad nodded. “He called some trainers, there’s been some strange things going on in the Pokemon Tower. You wouldn’t mind going along with the other trainers to--”

“Brad, don’t worry, it’s my job. I don’t mind.” Caitlin interrupted Brad, calling over her Lucario and getting up from her set. “I’ll be back in a few hours or so.”

She headed out into the tower with her Lucario following.


The second the two entered the tower. Sheldon shivering in fear and gripping onto his trainer as they walked farther into the tower. Caitlin took a deep breath. There was no turning back at this point. She looked at her Lucario, still frightened by his surroundings.

“Maybe you should stay in your PokeBall for a short while.” She took out the ball and returned him inside it, he’d be safer in his PokeBall than out in the tower being spooked by ghosts and ghouls.

She continued on further and further into the tower. She hurried up to the next level with courage in her heart. She hoped that Sheldon would feel the same soon enough.


Meanwhile three other trainers, upon reaching the 2nd level of the tower. The female trainer turned around to the two others. “Hey, Cal. Pique. Did either one of you see where Vincent, Veruka, and Rupert went?”

Pique only shrugged. Cal just kept his eyes on what was behind the gang.

Suddenly the three Pokemon darted off past the trainers. It wasn’t hard to see that they were frightened by something.

The girl trainer grew confused and slightly frightened herself. “What are they running away from?”

“They could’ve been running away from a ghost Pokemon, but I could be wrong.” Pique stated.

The minute he looked over to what they were running from, his eyes started to widen. “Uhh...Elisa...I think I got the “ghost” part right.”

Elisa tilted her head. “What do you mean by that?”

Cal motioned her to turn around. As Elisa did so, her eyes caught sight of only a heard of zombie Pokemon. Not ghost Pokemon, but actually, real zombies.

“Those arent’ ghosts, Pique...their zombies!!!” Cal shouted in fear.

The trainers screamed in horror and took off running from the seemingly demonic spirits before them.


Meanwhile, Veronica Rocket (along with Jessie, James, and Meowth) and Ginger (the rookie Team Plasma member) all kept watch on the grave that stood before them. Veronica smirked, knowing that everyone was ready.

She then turned to a sound of screaming in horror. “What’s that?”

James began shivering in fear and hid behind Jessie. “Ths the gh-ghosts!”

Ginger rolled her eyes and took a flashlight out of her bag. “Probably just another intruder or something. I’ll go check it out.” She walked into the darkness.


Caitlin finally made it to the stairs of the first level of the tower. “Okay, I can do this.”

She looked at the Pokeball that contained her Lucario. “I hope you’re just as ready as I am, little buddy. There’s no turning back no--”

She was cut-off by Elisa’s Pokemon running past her, the young trainer dodged not wanting to be crushed by the stampeding trio. “Woah! Hey! What’s the matter?”

The three only hid behind the graves of deceased Pokemon. Caitlin tilted her head in confusion, wondering why they looked so frightened. A sudden scream rang in her ears. She turned around to see three other trainers. The ran in fear and screamed in horror. They all trampled upon the younger trainer.

“Will you guys get off of me?!” Caitlin growled.

The trainers got off of the young trainer. “We’re sorry...we didn’t hurt you did we?” Pique asked in concern.

Caitlin shook her head. “No, I’m alright. What were you guys running from anyways?”

A moan was heard in the background, everyone spun around to see a zombie-fied Raichu.

Pique pointed at it shivering in fear. “That!!!”

Caitlin grew frightened as well. “So that means monsters and ghosts are real?!”

“L-lets just get outta here!”

“I’m with you on this, Pique!”

Elisa and Pique nearly walked out on the door. But Cal and Caitlin stopped them.

“No, we’re gonna get through this together! We won’t let them win and we have to do this!” Caitlin reminded them.

The two looked at each other then back at Cal and Caitlin. The both sighed.

“I guess you’re right.” Elisa answered.

Caitlin nodded at Cal. “I’ll let you take care of this, Cal.”

Cal nodded calling out what Pokemon he had.

His Blaziken, Pyro, was one of the first to attack. A simple flame engulfed the zombie Pokemon, turning it into nothing but ashes on the ground. The others nodded at headed up the stairs as they continued.

More and more zombie Pokemon began to rise from their graves and tombstones. It would take more than just a simple Blaziken to handle a horde of zombies.

“Veruka! Fire punch!” Elisa hollered at her Infernape.

The female Infernape did as she was told. Vincent wanted to lend a helping paw, he had to help his love from a zombie crunching on her skull and dining on her brain. He used a metal claw on one the zombies, having to be frightened by what would happen if he didn’t help his crush. Rupert helped as well, he didn’t want anything horrid happening to his friends.

Pique and Caitlin nodded at each other. Knowing what to do now. Pique took out two Pokeballs (one of them containing his personal favorite) and tossed them both in the air. A Dewott and a Lucario.

“Obi! Bone rush on one half! Jet! Aqua get on the second half”

Jet (the Dewott) wanting to gain his master’s love again, tried his hardest to take down a horde of zombies himself. Obi had it easier than his water type rival, he only had to use bone rush, taking off the heads of a few or more zombies.

Caitlin took out only one Pokeball, containing her Pikachu. She figured Sheldon would be too scared to attack a zombie. She tossed her Pokeball in the air, her Pikachu seemed to be ready for battle.

“Sparkles! Thunderbolt!” She commanded.

Without hesitation, the Pikachu obeyed striking most of the zombies easily taking them down. The trainers smiled at one and other. “Come on! Lets keep going!” Caitlin shouted in victory as she continued on and kept running as her and the others attack the horde of zombies one heard after the other.

(The rest of the story will be in Caitlin’s perspective, while most of it will go to Sheldon and see what he’s thinking)

Ugh...I don’t feel so smells like death and rotting flesh...why haven’t I been let out yet? I wanna get out of here! Now….now….now….now...NOW!!! Please...Just let me out of here!! I’m feeling sick! I think I’m about to vomit!


I could feel the Pokeball shaking and rattling in my bag. Sheldon was getting restless. I could tell he was getting sick by the rotting flesh oder in the air. I couldn’t blame him there. It smelt awful. I was never used to the smell of death myself.

Suddenly the last zombie was down with Obi’s final bone rush attack. Pique looked at me. “That should be the last one.” I didn’t pay attention. I took out my Pokeball and looked at it. I didn't’ know whether to take out Sheldon or not.

Pique inched closer. “Cait, what’s wrong? Is it Sheldon?”

“Yeah...I feel as if he’s getting he’s about to puke. He’s not used to the smell of death since…”

“Yeah, well, I’m not fond of the zombie’s body oder myself, kid.” Obi cut me off.

I sighed heavily. “It’s not the zombie’s “body oder” it’s the litteral smell of death.” I looked back at the Pokeball that contained my boy.

“He wasn’t the same since his mother.”

Cal glanced at me and put a hand on my shoulder. “I understand. You know my mightyena, Shade, right? He had an abusive trainer. He gone past that after he met Shredder and--”

“Pardon my interruption, Cal, but it’s not that. I mean it is, but it’s far different than abuse. His mom died right in front of him as a baby! A baby Riolu!” I snapped.

I took a few deep breaths after a short while. “I-I’m sorry. Sheldon and I hold a strong grudge against Team Rocket. I hold a grudge against them because they’re evil. I can guess all of you know why Sheldon holds a grudge against them.”

Everyone nodded. Elisa smiled at me. “It’s alright. One day he’ll be over it soon enough. I promise. It’s just gonna take him longer than just a few years.” I nodded.

“Hey! Are we going or what?” Pyro asked, eager to get a move on. Obi turned to us. “Lets just go, slowpokes! I wanna get this over with!”

We all took a deep breath and we headed forward.


I wanna go home...wait...what’s this?...This feeling...that aura….I remember that aura….It can’t be… it?...Momma?...


Once we all stopped at the fourth floor. We were about to face what horror was ahead. The smell of death and rotting corpses grew heavier, I swore I was about to throw up, but I managed to hold my lunch down where it belonged.

Suddenly a pale fog surrounded the room.

I noticed Vincent holding onto Veruka’s arm tightly. “(V-ve-Veruka...there wasn’t fog here before…)”

Veruka held onto Vincent tightly. I looked at Rupert, Pyro, Obi, Jet, and Sparkles. I could tell they were all ready for whatever was about to charge at them.

“Get ready everyone!” I warned.

Suddenly there was a sudden shout in the air. “Get out! Leave this place!” One voice shrieked.

“Don’t come any closer!” Another voice warned.

Suddenly we were met with what looked like ghosts. Their figures were unknown to us. We needed more than just a few Pokemon to take those ghosts.

I looked at Pique. “Pique! Go! We’ll be alright! Just find a silph scope or something to help us see if that really is a ghost or not!”

Pique nodded and took off running.

“Come on, guys!” He called out to Obi and Jet.

The two followed their trainer.

Elisa looked at me. “I’ll go with him! Come on, guys!”

She took off running along with her trio following after her.

It was all up to me and Cal up to this point. He called out three other Pokemon, Shade (mightyena), Shredder (grovyle), and Psy (kadabra). I called out only one more that I had. Tarzan (infernape), I still thought it’d be too rough for Sheldon to take on two ghosts.


Wait….that is mom…..What are they doing?....Why are they doing it?....What the heck is going on?! I have a right to know! And I want out now!!!


“Shade, shadow ball! Shredder, bullet seed! Pyro, ember! Psy, psychic!”

“Sparkles, thunderbolt! Tarzan, mach punch!”

The six Pokemon attacked but no attack did nothing.

Shade looked at Shredder. “No matter what attack we use, it doesn’t even give them a scratch.”

Shredder looked at his lover. “Shade, we’re going to have to keep attack in order for them to be defeated somehow.”

Sparkles looked at the two lovers. “Well, we keep attacking and nothing even happens!!”

Tarzan glanced over at the frustrated Pikachu. “We have to keep battling one way or another, Sparkles.”

Cal and I both grew agitated. “Why doesn’t they get attacked or effected?” Cal glanced at me and shut his eyes. “I don’t know.”

“Cait! Catch!” Pique tossed a silph scope my way.

I jumped in the air and caught and hurriedly put it on. The ghosts revealed to be a Marowak and a Lopunny. It was Sheldon’s mother and Cubone’s mother.

“Marowak? The spirit of Cubone’s mom?” I glanced over at the Lopunny. “Daisy…” I murmured to myself.

“Get out! You shouldn’t get too close to them!” Marowak warned.

“Caitlin...please...we’re only trying to protect you.” Daisy whispered in a honey sweet voice.

Suddenly I heard a cry from behind. It was only Cubone. Running towards the ghostly figure of it’s mother. The Marowak lowered her bone as her son hugged her tightly. The Marowak soon calmed down, knowing her baby was safe once more. She hugged it in a motherly embrace. Sheldon’s Pokeball suddenly bursted opened. He ran towards the ghostly figure of his own mother and did the same the Cubone. Daisy did the same as the Marowak.

I chuckled a bit. “Well what do you know.”

Shade and Shredder grinned at each other. “All this time, they were worried about their children.” Shredder nodded at Shade’s statement.

Sheldon whimpered, cuddling the ghostly figure of it’s mother. “Momma...I’m sorry…”

Daisy patted her son’s head. “Dont’ be sorry...I was protecting you. I was doing what mother’s do best....Protect their son’s from certain death.”

Sheldon sniffled. As the two ghouls were finally at peace, they could rest knowing their babies were safe.

Pique smiled. “All this time they were worried about their kids.” He chuckled picking up the Cubone in his arms.

The Cubone cuddled against the wolf-lion hybrid for more comfort, even though it knew it’s mother was in a better place watching over her son, he still had to seek comfort from someone.

Sheldon howled in mourning and joy. Mourning for his mother but joyous knowing she would no longer suffer.

I smiled then turned to Pique. “I’m guessing that Ginger girl had that silph scope?”

Pique nodded. “She’s such a weirdo.”

Obi glanced at Pique, with little or no amusement or even approve. “Pique, you are still the absolute last person to be calling someone a weirdo.”

I sighed, but I already knew that Obi had to agreed with Pique calling Ginger a weirdo. A major weirdo at that. Our job wasn’t done yet, we had to finish it. We moved up to the last floor of the tower.


Once we were up on the fifth floor, we noticed Team Rocket, Ginger, and Veronica, all laid still on the floor. They weren’t dead, they were unconscious.

I looked over at Pique. “Did Ginger look like that when you encountered her?”

He shook his head.

I tilted my head in confusion. Something suddenly caught the corner of my eye. It was a dead human. Or what looked like a human. I was highly confused as to why a human would be buried in the Pokemon Tower, a cemetery only meant for Pokemon and Pokemon alone.

“You’re all here...I’m trapped…” It growled. “And I’m very lonely...will you all join me?...”

My heart grew heavy. I knew who that was. The Buried Alive demon. I heard about him in stories that my father used to tell. “We’ll never join you, you monster!!!”

It chuckled maliciously. “I had a feeling you would say that...You humans are a pathetic race as well as the anthropomorphic animals that act like humans…”

He glare motioned to Sheldon and the baby Cubone. “You’re both are just as weak...humans killed your mothers and yet you both side with them.”

“Cubone, cu.” The Cubone whimpered.

Sheldon growled heavily. “I’ve put it behind me you stupid demon.”

BA laughed a bit then turned to Shade and Obi. “And you had humans abuse you and yet you still side with them. You’re both are just as weak and pathetic as you were when you were pups…”

Obi’s heart sank. He remembered what his old trainer had said before he was owned by Pique. Those phrases rang in his mind, non-stop, including in his nightmares. We lost because of you! You deserve to suffer! YOU WORTHLESS RIOLU!!! He tried to shake it off but he couldn’t get those words out of his head.

Shade, however, was reminded of the time when he was “expressing himself” with another Pokemon, a male to be more in detail and was reminded how his old abusive trainer stabbed him and the other Pokemon, and the pain he felt. Tears swelled up in Shade’s eyes.

Sheldon growled. “Shut up! Shade and Obi couldn’t help it that they weren’t strong enough in battle at the time or if they were born with a different sexuallaity gentic! I’m only 1/25 bi-sexual and I understand how Shade feels! And I’m not strong in battle but I understand how Obi felt when he was a Riolu and couldn’t fight as well as other Pokemon!” His preaching hushed the demon for a moment.

It laughed silently. “How else would you know about anything else?”

He glanced towards Jet. “You were your masters first Pokemon, yet he abandoned his love for you for a Lucario that he only wanted for himself...He no longer wanted you...and soon one day he will abandon you and you’ll be forgotten forever…”

Jet’s eyes narrowed, he fought off the tears. He knew that Pique favored Obi over him and he hated the Lucario with a passion, but he knew that Pique would never abandon him.

He then turned his final glance at Veruka and Vincent. “And finally you’re mother died long ago and you have no memory of her or your worthless father...and the Lucario’s parents no longer wanted him and is afraid of his own shadow yet try to impress their own master...that is the new kind of low that I have seen in all my life…”

Sheldon snapped. “That’s it!!!! I HAVE FLIPPING HAD IT WITH YOU!!!!” I saw that he was infuriated with a blinding rage. All we could do for now was watch to see what horror would behold us.

Buried Alive howled in laughter. “You think you can defeat me?” His body melted into a thick black substance of mist, turning him into a demonic looking Lucario. “So be it.”

I knew what had to be done. I stepped up, wanting to give Sheldon the commands to battle the demon, but only to be stopped by Obi. “Hey! What the heck, Obi?”

He glared at me. “Let him do what he has to do. ‘Kay kid?”

I opened my mouth to protest, but then closed it; knowing that if I protested against him, I’d get nothing but an argument. I sighed. “O...Okay.” I stepped back to see what would happened.

Sheldon used every attack he knew. Buried Alive dodged each and everyone one and then used a move that seemed, almost too ghastly to be real. Nightmare. It was only used when a Pokemon was asleep, but in this case, it wasn’t used when Sheldon drifted off to a drowsy slumber. It was used when he was awake.

The minute the attack was used. His eyes were a void of fear, his breathing grew heavier and heavier.

I gasped and tried to go towards him, but Obi and Tarzan held me back. “Sheldon! Sheldon! SHELDON!!!” I shouted at him trying to get his attention.

No answer. I grew worried and afraid. There wasn’t a light of hope for me to be found. It was all over. I shut my eyes to out-see the horror before me. I suddenly heard a laugh, it was more like a child’s laughter, but in a young man’s voice. Was that Sheldon? The laughter grew more audible with every breath it sucked in. It was Sheldon. I opened my eyes to see what stood before me and the others, no one moved, everyone stood still like the weeping angels in Dr Who only no one moved at all. They just stood still.

Sheldon stood on his hind legs, in an awkward manner, he looked like a werewolf. He was a werewolf. He was born a werewolf, no a were-lucario! My eyes widened.

“Did you really think you can set fear into my heart with one small and simple attack? Do you even know the meaning of fear?”

He walked towards Buried Alive, I was surprise to see bravery in Sheldon and fear into BA. “You think you know fear?!”

He jumped and pounced on the demon. “I’LL SHOW YOU TRUE TERROR!!!”

Buried Alive began to choke. “Wh-what are you?”

Sheldon chuckled deeply in his throat. “I’m your worst nightmare.”

Before I could see what would happen, everything suddenly went black.


I woke up gasping for breath, seeing myself in Brad’s room. Pique and Elisa were standing at my left side. “Guys, what happened? Where’s Sheldon and the others? Are they alright?”

“You blacked out, there already at the party, and yes. Everyone’s find, don’t worry.” Elisa smiled.

I grinned widely and hugged them both tightly. “Did you see that--”

“Yeah, turns out Sheldon’s ancestors were monsters called werelucario. Turns out you tamed him pretty well, except when in battle.” Pique interrupted.

I smiled and chuckled a bit. “Well, that’s my Sheldon for you.” I looked around. “What happened to the Pokemon Tower by the way?”

The two looked at each other, they weren’t smiling but they both sighed. Elisa looked at me. “Well, the floor, where the entrance is, was kinda burnt like toast. But they’re redecorating it. And some of the graves where we fought the zombies were burnt a little bit too.”

“But it wasn’t severe. They said it was only a minor burnt.” Pique added.

I sighed in relief and hugged them both once more. “Well, we won’t have to worry about that anymore. What do y’all sa we go to that party?”

The two smiled and headed off towards the party. “Hey! Wait up!” I followed them without hesitation.


Sheldon nuzzled his head against Cubone’s skull. Vincent smiled. Obi looked over to the other orphaned/abandoned Pokemon, they looked like happy to be in Mr. Fuji's Home for Pokemon.

He looked back at Sheldon and Vincent. “Well, I see that he’s got this under control, I’ll just leave him to it and I’ll be on my way to that party.”

He headed off with Vincent following randomly. “I’m coming with you! We’ll wait for you Sheldon!”

Sheldon nodded. His ears suddenly perked up to a voice, he looked around wanting to where it was coming from. He shrugged.

It could’ve been his imagination playing tricks on him.

Or it could’ve been the spirits of Marowak and his mother saying. We love you boys...we miss you
PokePasta Lavender Town Haunting (FanPasta)
Note: I had this matured for a good reason to be better safe than sorry, and this more of a FanPasta rather than an actual creepypasta

Okay, this involves insperation from the Pokemon Origins episode 2: Cubone, Halloween, Buried Alive, Lavender Town, and a bunch of over used plot holes and such, if you don't like that, then just go find another good creepypasta that doesn't have that. ^^; 

Also, some of you may ask about some of the characters and how I know about their pasts, like Obi having an abusive trainer for example, it's just a fan theory I created to keep some of my fave arts' serises more and more intresting and it is fun to create fantheories for some characters. I hope most of you don't mind that I do some fantheories for your chracters. ^^; 

Anyways, I also have the read-a-loud of it (… ). Along with some special guest stars from TEAPO, RD, and PMH (Pokemon Manefest Heart). 

I hope you guys enjoy it and Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

RD (Vincent, Veruka, Rupert, and Elisa)-:icontamarinfrog:
TEAPO (Pique, Obi, and Jet the Dewatt)-:iconpiqueraj:
PMH (Cal, Pyro, Shade, and Shredder)-:iconrubyofblue:
NightStar (All charcters)-ME! X3
Pokemon- Pokemon co, Nintendo, and GameFreak
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I am now doing a tag thing, if any of you aren't up to doing tags or just don't want to do it, that's alright with me. None of you have to do it if you don't want to. =3 


1.) You must pick 1 or more characters and create 3 or more questions for them to answer. (fursonas, pokesonas, ect.)
2.) Keep the questions at a certain rating (PG, G, R, ect.)

In this tag, I'll be using Sheldon as an example.

1.) What's your name?
Lucario Sheldon Aura or Sheldon.

2.) Do you have a family?
A dad, stepmom, two younger baby siblings, a foster sister, a foster brother, two godfathers/uncles, a wife, a close friend who's like a brother, and about three kids and an adopted daughter.

3.) Intresting. What's your favorite hobby?
I just like spending time with my family is all. Mostly playing with my kids.

4.) What are you scared of?
Everything. OnO

5.) What do you do for a living?
Sing at a restraunt and perform on stage there.

6.) Few more to go. What's the best thing that's happened to you in your life?
Marrying Luna. *blushes*

7.) Awww. How about the worst thing that's happened to you?
When my Momma died....

8.) Awww, I'm really sorry. about things that make you happy?
My wife, my kids, my family, chocolate, and anything that brings a smile to my face.

9.) Awesome sauce! Do you like taking this quiz?
I guess so. It's okay.

10.) Well, I'm sorry that the quiz is over so...what are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna swim in a pool of chocolate!!!!!! OuO *dives into a pool of chocolate*

I now tag the following: :iconcole-the-riolu: :iconshadewolfbuizel: :iconelizabethpeterson: :icontheagentmyers: :iconzach-usa: :iconjd2022092: And if anyone else finds it and wants to do it....BE MY GUEST!!!!! ^U^
Trick or Treat by CaitlinTheLucario
Trick or Treat
Lucario Jr.'s going as Sir Aaron this year. =3

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Luna started carving into the giant orange fruit with her razor sharp claws. Charlotte tilted her head and cooed in confusion. Once Luna finished she showed the finished magnum opus carved into the giant fruit and smiled. Showing it to Charlotte.

“See, sweetie? This little pumpkin has a face just like your’s. It’s called Jack-O-Lantern.” Luna said smiling.

Charlotte giggled and clapped her paws. Sheldon smiled taking a picture with his digital camera. Sheldon giggled a bit. “She is going to look adorable in her princess costume I bought her.”

Luna picked Charlotte up from her highchair and into her arms. “Sweetie, do you think she’s too young to go trick-or-treating?”

Sheldon smiled at his lovely wife. “Non-sense. I’m sure she’s old enough.” He smiled as he hung up the last Halloween decoration.

Luna looked at her little girl and sighed a bit. “Well, I suppose you’re right. This is her first Halloween.” She giggled as she cuddled her little girl. “I’m just going to put her in her little princess costume. She is going to look so cute.” She nuzzled Charlotte as she headed to the nursery to fetch her costume.

Lucario Jr. entered the room already in his costume. “I’m ready, Daddy!”

Sheldon spun around to see Lucario Jr. already in his costume which was a kid-sized costume that of Sir Aaron’s. Sheldon chuckled. “Being an early bird on All Hallow’s Eve are we now?”

Lucario Jr. nodded. Sheldon smiled and picked him up. “How about we go into the living room and wait for your sister, sound good?” Lucario Jr. nodded happily.

Sheldon chuckled and entered the living room and sat down and put his son on his lap and held him close while they waited for Luna. Moments after, Luna entered the room with Charlotte in her arms wearing her princess costume.

Sheldon smiled as Luna handed her to him. “Oh, Charlotte you look so beautiful. Just like your mother.” Lucario Jr. giggled as he got off of Sheldon’s lap and heard the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it!”

Sheldon smiled. “It’s probably just Vincent, Veruka, and Rupert with his friends.” Sheldon followed his son to the door as did Luna.

Lucario Jr. opened the door to see Vincent, Veruka, and Rupert along with Lucario Jr.’s friends as Sheldon foretold. Lucario Jr.’s tail wagged at full speed. “Vincent!” He hugged the Lucario’s leg. Vincent chuckled. “It’s good to see you too, little fella.”

He looked over at little Charlotte and held her in his arms. “Hey, Charlotte. How ya doin’?” Charlotte cooed and pawed Vincent’s snout lightly. Vincent giggled. “I gotta say it, Shel. Charlotte is growing up faster than we can count.”

Sheldon nodded in agreement. “One day she’s daddy’s little princess and the next day she’ll be all grown up like Alice.” He wiped a tear from his face. “They grow up so fast.”

Luna chuckled. “Okay. Now you kids just head off and we’ll be at that Halloween Party later on this evening.”

“And stay close to Vincent and the others, son.” Sheldon warned but in a comforting tone. Lucario Jr. smiled and looked up at his father. “Yes, Daddy.”

The gang then headed off into the distance. “And don’t get lost or take candy from strangers!” Sheldon warned once more. Luna giggled. “Sheldon, who do those kids remind you of?” Sheldon titled his head. “Huh? What?...Who?”

Luna nuzzled against her husband. “They’re just like we were when we were young.” Sheldon sighed. “Exactly. Do you know the dangers we put yourselves in as kids?” Luna pinned him to the wall and smirked. “You mean the dangers you put us in.”

The two nuzzled each other in a loving embrace. “They’ll be fine. Now lets get our costumes on and we’ll be on our way to Caitlin’s party.” Luna smiled as she lead her husband back into the house to change into their costumes.


After hours of trick-or-treating, everyone headed off to the Halloween party at Caitlin’s house. Everyone laughed, danced, and hung out.

Caitlin walked up to three of her wolf friends smiling, all dressed in her Jeff the Killer costume. “Hey, guys!” Aya spun around smiling. “Nice Jeffy costume, Caitlin.”

Caitlin smiled back. “Thanks Aya. I like your Laughing Jack costume.” Aya giggled like a school girl. She then turned to Zorro. “And you’re brother is, a zombie-style of a rock star.”

Zorro turned to the lioness and raised a brow and smiled a bit. “I’m the dead version of the lead singer in My Chemical Romance.” Caitlin nodded. “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that band. I only know one song from them though.” She scratched the back of her head nervously and then turned to Pique.

She looked him over and tilted her head in confusion. “What are you supposed to be?” The lioness asked scratching her chin, trying to figure out his costume.
The hybrid wolf/lion held up his right paw revealing a hook. “I’m a pirate cowboy!” He smiled joyously. Caitlin then saw his hat and nodded. “Oh yeah. That’s really creative. Love it.”

“Thanks, Cait. By the way, do you know where Obi is?”

“I think he went to the guest room to put on his costume or something.” Caitlin turned around to meet eyes with Pique’s Lucario. Seeing he was wearing the same costume as her. The two blinked at each other. “Well, this is now counted as a new level of awkward.”

Obi sighed. “I knew I should’ve picked something other than a killer. But this was actually a bet I lost with Sheldon. I can’t believe I lost a bet with another Lucario who barely even battles.”

Caitlin sighed and shook her head. “Come on, lets find a different costume for ya, Obi.” She lead him back into the guest room.

Aya giggled. “He’s not the best person to dress up as Jeff the Killer. I think Caitlin is because she’s his biggest fan.”

Zorro rolled his eyes. “He’d make a better Freddy Krueger. Oh hey, sis. Didn’t her mom say to meet her into the Haunted Palace they made for the kids to trick-or-treat in or something?”

Aya’s eyes widened. “Oh cake crumbs! You’re right, Zorro! I have to be there right now!” Aya rushed outside to meet Lucaria and Henri outside on the front porch.

Zorro sighed and looked at Pique. “Are you sure she’s not cloned from you?” Pique shrugged. “I think you’re related to her since you’re her brother and all. If she was my sister, she’d have the similar fur patterns like mine.”

Zorro shook his head. “Nevermind.”

“Hey guys!” Vincent walked up to Zorro and Pique with little Charlotte in his arms. “Nice looking costumes. Zorro you’re really rocking in yours. And Pique, I see you went all out with yours. A pirate cowboy, very creative.” Vincent smiled.

Pique glanced at Zorro with a smirk (the same I told you so smirk). “See, Vincent knows what I am.” Zorro rolled his eyes and looked at Vincent. “What are you suppose to be?”

Vincent sighed. “I’m Jack Skellington. Duh.” He giggled a bit. Charlotte just laughed. Zorro looked at Charlotte and smiled. “Well, Sheldon really means it when he said that Charlotte’s his little princess.”

Pique smiled. “Yeah. I guess he did.” Vincent smiled and looked around. “I’m guessing the kids are having fun too. Say, where are the others?”
“Caitlin’s helping Obi with his costume, Aya’s helping Caitlin’s parents, and I think I saw Veruka, at the snack bar.” Zorro stated pointing at Veruka in her Sally costume.  

Vincent smiled happily. “Oh man, I think tonight’s the night I get a chance the score! I’ll be right back. Here, hold Charlotte for a minute or so.” Vincent handed Charlotte to Zorro and headed off to Veruca.

Zorro sighed and shook his head. “He’s always a fast mover, isn’t he?” Charlotte giggled.


Lucario Jr. looked around and smiled and walked up to Riolu. “I like your Link costume, Riolu.” Riolu smiled. “Thanks, Lucario Jr. I like your Sir Aaron costume.”

Lucario Jr. smiled. “Thanks, Riolu.” He smiled then turned around to see his best friend (since daycare) Juliet the midget Infernape. He began to blush at the sight of her. He smiled nervously in a cutesy little manner.

“Hey, Junior. Do you like my Queen Elsa costume? My dad made it for me.” Juliet asked in a honey sweet voice. Lucario Jr. nodded in a shy manner. Juliet giggled. “I really like your costume too.”

Lucario Jr. blushed and became more bashful and smiled. “Thanks, Juliet.” He murmured. Juliet smiled. “Well, I’m going to get some cake and punch. I’ll see you later, Junior.” She smiled and walked off to the snack bar.

Lucario Jr. sighed and smiled. “She’s really pretty. I wish I could do something for her.” Riolu smiled. “It’s alright, Lucario Jr. I’m sure you’ll get your chance one day. Just look at Vincent, he never gives up on Veruka’s love.”

Lucario Jr. thought about how Vincent tried to win Veruka’s heart numerous times. He chuckled a bit. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, Riolu.”

The midget Lucario reached over to where his bag was, and felt around for at least a chocolate bar or something sweet. He felt around to find his trick-or-treat bag. He looked over his shoulder and his ears shot up. “What the? Didn’t I put my bag right here?”

“Yeah, but you must’ve misplaced it.” Riolu stated, then looked over to where he placed his and stirred his face in confusion. “And I must’ve misplaced mine too.”

Morrigan walked up to Riolu and Lucario Jr. trying to keep her little witch hat in place. “You guys aren’t the only ones. Scratch, Sebelius, and I misplaced ours too. Or rather someone stole them.”
Lucario Jr. tilted his head. “Only one way to find out.” He headed out and looked around the house carefully. Making sure on one misplaced their trick-or-treat bags. He searched everywhere and finally entered the hallway closet to see their bags all there and seemingly untouched.

He moved forward to return the bags to his friends. He knew something seemed fishy, but he brushed it off as a feeling of suspicion.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing with my candy?” Lucario Jr. turned around to see a Gothorita. It was his cousin Angelella. He studied his cousin’s face, it seemed to already have been covered in candy. “It’s mine and my friends’ candy, Angy. You already got yours when you were trick or treating with Uncle Drake and Aunt Mable.”

He turned over to a bowl of candy that had opened wrappers and only half of the uneaten candy left. “And you were going take that candy that Lucaria and Henri were gonna give out to everyone else! That’s not fair!”

Angelella smirked. “Well, now everything doesn’t have to be fair. It’s only fair to me.” She grabbed Lucario Jr. and pushed him out of the door.

The midget Lucario growled slightly. He had to do something and it had to be right now and fast.


“Well, I can’t find the candy we were going to give out to the trick-or-treaters, Sweetie.”

Henri sighed. “I guess we’ll have to improvise.”

“I believe the world is improve-amise.” Aya stated drinking some of her vampire punch.

Lucaria and Henri staired at each other and shook their heads and sighed. “Well, at least we brought an extra bowl just in case. Good thing Caitlin and Zorro always come prepared.” Lucaria smiled.

Henri nodded in agreement.


Sheldon kissed Luna on the cheek. “You, miss, make a fine queen of the night.” He complimented on Luna’s attire on her victorian style of a vampire queen costume. Luna smirked. “And you sir, make a fine terror of the seven seas.” She complimented back on his dark pirate costume.

Sheldon blushed heavily at her compliment, even after a year or so of their marriage, she was still able to make him blush.

Caitlin walked up to them. “Hey you two love birds. You two gonna have an entry in the costume contest? The winner gets a grand prize of a bucket load of candy.”

Sheldon tilted his head. “Is it for the kids or for everyone?”

“The kids really, but adults and teens are more than happy to enter if they want to.”

“Okay, Luna, lets sign our kids up!”

Angelella overheard this from a distance inside the closet, she smirked once she heard the grand prize being candy of course. She had to have the prize for herself, she didn’t even have to enter, she’d steal it and have the largest stash of candy that’d last her all year until next Halloween. She smiled at the thought of it all.

Lucario Jr. overhead it too. He had to tell someone about this, but he had to tell his friends about it first. He ran towards Morrigan and Riolu and panted heavily. “Guys! Angelella’s the one who took our candy and now she’s gonna take the grand prize for the costume contest!”

Morrigan gasped a bit. “We got to stop her then!”

Lucario Jr. stopped her. “No, we have to plan it out so she won’t get away with it all so easily and it has to be sneaky too.”

Riolu tilted his head. “But how are we gonna do that, Lucario Jr.?” Lucario Jr. smiled. “I’m glad you asked, Riolu. Because I have a plan.”

Morrigan and Riolu glanced at each other, they never knew about Lucario Jr.’s plan ahead of time once it was all planned out. They had to take their friend’s word for it.


Caitlin stood at the center next to the coffee table. She smiled as she held a bucket and stood next to Pique and Obi (with the Lucario now being in a grim reaper costume) and motioned everyone to gather ‘round.

Angelella hide behind the couch, not wanting to been seen when snatching the pumpkin bucket filled with goodies and treats. She smirked being ready to snatch the prize before anyone could see.

“Okay everybody! The votes are in! Pique if you please, take out a random vote and announce the grand prize winner!” Caitlin happily requested.

Pique smiled and closes his eyes and took out a random vote and looked at the paper and unfolded it. “And the grand prize winner is--”

“Wait!” Obi interrupted Pique and stared at the now blank coffee table. Pique tilted his head curiously. “Where’s the grand prize?” Caitlin slapped her paws on her hips. “Aya, again?”

Aya shook her head. “I didn’t do it.”

Everyone then turned their glares at Sheldon. Sheldon tilted his head. “What? My paws are clean. Just because I’m dressed up as a pirate, doesn’t mean I didn’t steal the candy and buried it in the backyard and marked it with an “X”.  So I didn’t do it.”

“Do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free! You are a pirate!” Aya started to sing. “Aya!” Zorro interrupted his little sister’s sing. Aya giggled. “Sorry.”


Lucario Jr. sprouted his wings and ruffled his fur. He nodded at Riolu and Morrigan to open up the closet.

Angelella started off with a chocolate bar. “That was almost too easy.”

The door suddenly swung open and Lucario Jr. pretended to attack her like a vampire/werewolf hybrid (but he only did it in a playful manner). Angelella only saw it as a monster or a ghost. Her only instinct was to take the candy and run.

She took off running to the living room, yelling to her horror. “Monster! Monster! Monster!!”

Suddenly something snagged the candy away from her. She turned around to only see Caitlin. Tapping her foot in disapproval and slight anger. Angelella giggled in an innocent manner, even trying to look innocent.

Caitlin still didn’t believe her for a single minute. “Young lady, did you know that this bucket of candy was for the grand prize winner of the costume contest and did you take away the children’s candy to have it all for yourself?” Caitlin didn’t have to ask, she already knew.

Angelella grew silent. Then opened her mouth to say something. “Enough said, missy.” Caitlin spoke. “B-but Caitlin. It was Lucario Jr.’s idea!” Sheldon shook his head. “Little miss, you’re in a lot of trouble.”

Drake took Angelella’s bag of candy. “I think we should head home.” Miriam nodded in agreement and picked up Angelella. “And she already enough sweets for one night. So she won’t get dessert for two whole weeks.”

Angelella’s eyes widened. “What?!”

The three exited the house and headed to their own home. Lucario Jr. giggled he then turned to his friends. “Well guys, another day saved.”

Caitlin sighed. “Okay, now as you were saying Pique?” She asked the wolf/lion hybrid. Pique glanced at the sheet of paper. “Alright, and the winner of the grand prize is…”

He tilted his head. “I think someone misspelled it.” Caitlin rolled her eyes and took the paper. “No, it’s upside down.” She giggled a bit. And looked at the paper. “Lucario Jr. and Charlotte!” She announced.

Everyone applaud. Sheldon walked over to Lucario Jr. and lifted his son into his arms and handed him his bag of candy. “That’s my boy and my girl.” He said smiling towards his son then to his daughter, being held in Luna’s arms.

Caitlin handed Luna the bucket of candy and smiled. “Congrats you guys. I think your kids deserve it.” She winked at Luna and Sheldon.

Lucario Jr. smiled at Charlotte. It was plain as day that this was the best Halloween of their young lives.
BabyStar Halloween
Here's a Halloween story everyone! =3 And the begining of BabyStar stories. =3 Along with some special guest stars. ^w^ I hope you guys enjoy the story. =3 (Special guest stars: RD [Vincent, Veruka, Rupert, and Morrigan], Pique and Obi, and Riolu).

Pique and Obi-:iconpiqueraj:
NightStar-ME! X3

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