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Chapter 3 Go West, Young Lady

The next day, Caitlin and her brothers and sisters and other friends went over to Elisa’s ranch to help find the gang collect heart scales again. Caitlin looked with Vincent and Ross, the two did notice she was rather more silent than she normally was. They didn’t want to bother asking, they didn’t want to embarrass her nor make her upset. They just went on with their search for luvdiscs.

Caitlin did find a few, only to act like they were her friends or pets. She didn’t bother catching them and letting them out of the water. She wasn’t going to do that to a luvdisc if it didn’t have a heart scale. Most of the ones she found didn’t have any at all.

“I found one!” Vincent shouted with excitement as he held it in his paws victoriously.

Ross ran off, seeing a tidal wave heading towards Caitlin and Vincent.

Caitlin looked over at the wave. “Vincent! Look out!”

It was already too late. The two were caught in the wave as they were “wiped out” by the salty sea. The two Lucario just laid in the sand.

Caitlin giggled a bit in a nervous tone. “I told you to look out.”

Vincent shook got up slowly and brushed off the sand. Caitlin started giggling seeing a Staryu on his head. “Uh-uhm. Vince. You got something on your, uh.” Caitlin snickered.

Then Vincent started laughing. “You got a Magikarp on your head!”

“And you got a Staryu!” Caitlin laughed as well.

The two laughed until they were in tears. Their laughter soon ceased. “There’s the Caitlin we all know and love.”

Caitlin smiled and took the Staryu and the Magikarp and tossing them back into the ocean.

“Cait, Vincent, stop fooling around and catch some luvdiscs.” Veruka slightly scold them.

“Sorry, Xena.” Caitlin murmured.

Veruka sighed. “Caitlin, I told you not to call me that.” She reminded her female Lucario friend.

“Everyone else calls you that, so why can’t I?”

Veruka sighed.

“Besides, I think both your nickname and real name are pretty.”

Veruka smiled a bit.

But the Infernape’s smile soon turned into a frown. “And speaking of fooling around. Have you seen Cotton or Napoleon?”

Caitlin shrugged then saw the Floatzel and the Lopunny near the water. “I guess they’re swimming. But I can’t tell.” She noticed the wave getting larger. Caitlin’s eyes widened. “Not again.”

Veruka looked at the wave as well. “Wait, are they seriously doing that again?!?”

“SURF’S UP!!!” Napoleon exclaimed as the wave hit the two Lucario and Infernape.

Caitlin sighed. “Oh dear. Veruka, Vincent. Let me take care of this, okay?” She turned back at Napoleon and Cotton.

“Oh Napoleon! I’m having so much fun!” Cotton exclaimed in a joyful tone.

Napoleon lifted her up and spun her around. “Well, Cotton, this is just a warm up, the real fun is about to begin!”

Caitlin walked up to the couple. “Uh-um. Napoleon...Cotton…” She gripped onto her tail in a nervous manner.

Napoleon smirked at the female Lucario.

“I-I think you two sh-should really look for some luvdiscs.”

Napoleon rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, Buzz-Kill. Me and my girl were just having some fun.”

Caitlin nodded. “I understand, but I don’t want you two getting in trouble with your master. I really think that you two should get to work then have some fun. Okay?”

Cotton nodded. “Okay, Caitlin.”

She walked back to Vincent and Veruka. Napoleon scoffed. “She needs to get a good grip on herself. Badly.”

Cotton giggled. “Napoleon, she can’t help that she’s shy.”


Caitlin sat on a rock, she moved her paw in the water with a rotating motion. It wasn’t long before she noticed Vincent and her brother and sister, Zach the Riolu and Krista the Mew, with Vincent.

She walked up to them. “Guys, what’s going on here.”

Zach turned to his sister. “Vincent wanted to give a luvdisc to Veruka, but it didn’t seem to work out very well.”

Caitlin smiled brightly suddenly. “It’s because luvdisc is a symbol of love and it’s a custom to give a luvdisc as a symbol of love. That’s really cute and romantic!”

Krista smiled, closing her eyes and blushing as she imagined her prince charming giving her a luvdisc and showering her with all sorts of gifts. “I know, I wish someone would give me a luvdisc.” She sighed.

Caitlin nodded in agreement. “Me too. Of course, I haven’t fallen in love since…” She suddenly stopped and blushed heavily. “N-ne-nevermind. I shouldn’t say.”

Vincent tilted his head. “What are you talking about?”

Caitlin shook her head. “Nothing, Vincent. see...about a few years ago before my parents and I moved here...I fell head over tail with this guy accident happened to him and…” She looked at Vincent. His ruby eyes stared into hers.

She sighed. “Do you really wanna know the whole story?”

Vincent nodded. “I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

Caitlin took a breath. “Okay, well--”

“Caitlin! Sweetie, can you come inside for a minute?!” Caitlin’s ears shot up, hearing her father.

“Okay, I’ll be right there, Daddy!” She hurried up to her house and ran inside the living room, she sat on the couch, knowing it would be something either pointless or important.

“Daddy, is there something wrong?”

Henri shook his head. “No, no. Nothing’s wrong. Well…” He glanced at the floor. “There’s something your mother and I need to tell you.”

“Mom’s pregnant? Someone’s getting married? New neighbors?”

Henri and Lucaria shook their heads.

Caitlin grew a bit angushious. “We’re moving again?...No way! I don’t wanna leave here! I like it here! I love my friends and my home! It’s not fair!”

Henri shook his head again. “No, no, it’s not that.”

Lucaria looked at Henri then at Caitlin. “Baby, it’s something Daddy and I can’t really explain. But you’ll get an explanation soon. It has to do with these things you keep seeing and they have a connection with the “Slenderman” and Jeffery.”

Caitlin’s eyes widened.

Her heart skipped a beat hearing “Jeffery”, she was talking about Jeff or Jeff the Killer. “You mean...Jeff is….real?”

Lucaria nodded. “You just don’t remember that much about him, pumpkin.” Lucaria handed her daughter her bag. “I packed a few new items in here. Just in case you needed them, sweetie.”

Caitlin nodded. “Thanks mom.”

Henri hugged his daughter. “There’s a note explaining everything your mother and I can’t say.” He let go of his grip. “Mommy and I will be at Elisa’s for a while, sweetie.”

“But why, dad?” Caitlin demanded an answer.

Henri shook his head. “You’ll understand soon, sweetie. Right now, your mother and I want you to go west, young lady. West to Unova.”

Caitlin nodded. “I will, Daddy. I won’t let you or mom down. I promise.”

Lucaria and Henri hugged Caitlin. “Give our love to your brothers and sisters for us, baby.”

“I will mom.” The trio released their hugs. Caitlin headed out the door to the beach area. “Guys! Come on! We’re packing up and heading off to Unova!”
Silenced Souls
Here's the next chapter, so after luvdisc hunting the gang goes on a trip to Unova! Wonder what lies ahead and what friends they'll make. Only one way to find out. To be continued...(dun, dun, DUN!)

Krista the Mew-:iconaurapower:
Zach the Riolu-:iconzach-usa:
Henri & Lucaria-:iconhenrithelucario: & :iconlucaria-rukario:
NightStar-ME! X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and GameFreak
Caitlin vs. Caitlin.EXE by CaitlinTheLucario
Caitlin vs. Caitlin.EXE
First off: I put it under STRICT mature content just incase

Second: No, Caitlin.EXE isn't wearing a pentagram, idk why I made it look like a pentagram, but it's a pentangle and I can understand how the two can get confused. But just in case, here's the differance between the two...Pentagram=Satanic, Pentangle= Wicca. Wicca can be Christanitic OR Satanic, depending on the person's religion. 

And this was inspired by…

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, GameFreak
Chapter 2 Dreams or Reality?

Caitlin leaned against the old oak tree and watched as a female Infernape sat upon an old tire swing, watching the day passing by and collecting some of her fondest memories (especially with one where a Lucario defeated a Gengar using Psychic). The female Lucario smiled and watched the moonlight colliding with the stars. She couldn’t help but connect some of the stars as if it was one of her old childhood connect the dots game. She looked to her left seeing the same Lucario the Infernape was seeing in her memories. She smiled at the sight of the Lucario sleeping soundly.

“Veruka. How come I’ve never seen Vincent use psychic before? I know you and Rupert have, but I want to see it for myself.” Caitlin asked out of sudden curiosity. “I mean, I’m able to learn and use the move as well, but how come he doesn’t know how to use it as well as a psychic type Pokemon?”

Veruka sighed. “Well, he used it once on a Gengar. I won’t go into too much detail.”  The fire monkey continued to look on towards the moonlit horizon.

Caitlin nodded. “Alright. I’ll take your word for it, Veruka.” The female Lucario looked on.

She soon became deeper and deeper into her own thoughts. Sometimes if she listened closely to her heart and mind, she would listen to her own thoughts long into time as it passed. She’d always been a night child due to the moon and the stars being her guide. She sighed happily. She closed her eyes and relaxed herself. She suddenly felt a slight tugging at her mind. She felt as if it was one of her splitting headaches again. This wasn’t one of her splitting headaches. It was something different, involving what her parents called her “gift”. But she only saw it as a curse.

She saw the past vision of Vincent battling that Gengar.

It began with their sugar addicted friend Rupert stating only finding a cola in the dining room. “But all the food was gone when we got here. All that was left was this cola.” Rupert held the cola to the Gengar’s vision.

Wait...wh-what? Caitlin began to become more and more confused as to what was happening.

She noticed Rupert, Vincent, Veruka, and the duo PokéTheives Danny and Merry were all unable to move. She obviously figured the ghosts used the lick attack to paralyze them. She wanted to help but she was unable to move herself, it was as if she became paralyzed herself.

The Gengar not even turning to Rupert’s eye contact or even turning his head to speak was rather unconvinced about Rupert’s statement. “Maybe.” It then opened it’s eyes. “But you are still guilty of trespassing. You must be punished!” A nail and hammer sudden appeared in it’s hands.

Caitlin’s eyes widened. She feared that it was the Curse attack. If the nail jammed anyone through their head, they’d be as dead as dust within seconds. Her breathing began to grow heavier with every last bit of horror that was about to scar her innocence for the permeant amount of her life. The Gengar placed the nail upon Vincent’s head. Caitlin’s heart rate grew to a maximum speed.


She tried to run at the Gengar to attack using Metal Claw. But her legs wouldn’t obey her command to run at the Gengar to save Vincent.

“Leave him alone!” Caitlin spun around to see Veruka taking charge.

Veruka?...You can barely attack and your fighting and ground moves aren’t powerful against a ghost type like Gengar!

She tried to warn her fire monkey friend but it seemed like she didn’t hear the orange haired Lucario.

Veruka! Why can’t you guys hear me?! When did we get here?! Was it a random teleportation or something?!? She wanted answers to her questions anyway she had to have them.

The Gengar gave a sinister smirk that stretched it’s face. It placed the nail on Veruka’s forehead. “As you wish. I’ll start with you then!” It raised the hammer above it’s head, Veruka’s eyes started to show fright. Something that no one, not even Vincent would’ve expected, could’ve happened to Veruka like that.


Caitlin shouted at the top of her voice, hoping someone would’ve heard her, she couldn’t do anything.

A sudden feel of wind caught her. It was Vincent. “Don’t you dare hurt her!” Caitlin sought rage within Vincent’s aura and his eyes. Both Veruka and the Gengar were just as confused as Caitlin was.

Vincent, what are you doing?! I was asking Rupert or Napoleon to do something if he was here! You’re gonna get yourself murdered!!

Vincent didn’t seem to hear Caitlin either. She began to worry.

Vincent threw a punch at the Gengar, missing an only getting his arm caught inside of the ghost Pokémon. Vincent, being a fighting and steele type Pokémon (without any steel type moves that Caitlin was aware of) had no advantage against a Gengar using only fighting and ground attacks. Caitlin covered her eyes. She didn’t want to see the horror of Vincent’s death that was nearing to approach. She then suddenly felt a powerful surge near. She looked around, no one was attacking other than Vincent.

Wait a minute...Vincent? A-are you using…?

Before she could finish her sentence Vincent’s eyes became a light shade of purple. “No...I...I won’t let you hurt my friends!”

Caitlin’s eyes remained fixed on what was happening before her. “You’ve scared us, bullied us, blamed us for no reason, and now you’re trying to kill us!”

Caitlin started to back up slowly. She watched as the ghosts were being levitated into the air.

Wait...that’s why I haven’t seen Vincent use psychic! He’s only able to do it when his friends and Veruka are in danger or when he’s angered! Caitlin finally had her answer as to why she was unable to see Vincent use psychic.

She continued to watch what was happening. “No! I won’t let you! Just...just…” Caitlin felt her paws with the blue aura caressing her paws.

It was her aura fire in her paws, it only happened when she felt the strong power of others.

She knew what would happen then and there. “LEAVE US ALONE!!!” The power of the psychic Vincent was using was far too powerful, even for the most powerful Pokémon of all time.

Caitlin had to cover her eyes due the power of that psychic attack. When she felt the power fading, she uncovered her eyes. She was back at the ranch. She turned to her left. Seeing Vincent had awoken.

She started to become confused. “Why are you two looking at me like that?”

“It’s were mumbling to yourself, and lets not forget about those blue fire things appearing on your paws.” Vincent started to explain. “We were really worried about you.”

Oh was the darn curse again! I have to tell my parents about this when I get home.

Caitlin scratched the back of her head nervously and hide her suspicious emotions with a smile. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired. I haven’t gotten any sleep in a few days.”

Vincent and Veruka stared at each other, then locked their gaze back on Caitlin. She picked up her back and threw it over her shoulders.

“Listen, I’ll be okay. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately, but I’m going to talk to my parents so they can get me checked out.” She reassured them, not wanting to make them suspicious about her little “gift”.

They both sighed. “Well, okay. But if there’s anything you want to talk about, you can always tell us.” Veruka tried to comfort the female Lucario.

Caitlin nodded, thanking the Infernape. She then headed home.


“And that’s why I want this curse gone for good.” Caitlin explained to her parents. Her father, Henry, placed a paw on her shoulder. “Sweetie. It’s not a curse, it’s a gift. You were born with it for a reason.”

Caitlin crossed her arms. “Dad, what you call a “gift” I call a curse. I see it as a curse for a reason.” She turned away from her mother and father.

Her mother, Lucaria, sighed. “Baby, you may see it as a “curse” for a short while, but you’ll see it as a gift soon.”

The young Lucario’s ears folded at the back of her head. “Is the “gift” the reason why I haven’t seen Je--”

Henry snapped and slammed a paw on the coffee table. “Young lady! You aren’t going to talk about him, you’ve seen him on those wanted posters, you’ve seen him on the news, that Jeff boy you feel in love with is a killer!”

Caitlin stood, wanting to protest. “Dad, he may be a killer, but I still love him and I know he’s the same Jeff I met years ago.” She stormed off to her bedroom in a small fit of rage.

Lucaria gazed at her husband. “Henry. She loved Jeff, when she said he needed help and told us about...the incident, you said she couldn’t see him again and we immediately moved to a different town.”

Henry didn’t even gave a small look at his wife, his gaze was more fixed on the floor, trying to collect his thoughts. “Lucaria. You know I’m only looking out for Caitlin’s safety. She could’ve gotten herself killed.”

Lucaria nodded.

“I know, honey. But she’s going through the transformation of becoming a young adult. We both had to go through it, and now she’s going through the same. It’s her love that’s turning her into the future adult she will become one day.”

Henry sighed. “Yeah, but it’s hard to see her grow up and let her go. I’m scared that she’ll get herself into all the wrong things we taught our daughter not to do. What if she suddenly smokes different types of drugs? What if she starts drinking alcohol? What if--”

“Henry.” Lucaria interrupted and held on to Henry’s shoulders gently. “It’s going to be okay. She isn’t going to end up into what we fear. The only thing to worry about is what’s truly best for her.” Henry nodded. “Right.”


Caitlin laid in her bed and stared out of the window, watching the night pass by. It was nearly midnight. She felt time creeping closer and closer. She continued to gaze at the nightly horizon no matter what time of night it was. Her gaze as suddenly caught by what looked like a tree. Only with some patches of white. The young Lucario tilted her head in confusion. Her eyes squinted trying to make out of the tree like figure. But it wasn’t a tree, it was a man.

Or what seemed like a man. He or it was all dressed in black, the skin was a pale snow white, and the face was expressionless. He or it had no face. Whatever it was and whoever it was, Caitlin had heard about it. She figured it was the Slender Man. She hurried to her bathroom and dashed to her sink. She turned on the fossett and splashed some cold water on her face, making sure she was seeing what her eyes had just seen and not her mind playing tricks on her.

When she returned to her window, the Slender Man or what she thought was the monster man, was gone. Was it her mind playing tricks on her again? She sighed. She looked at her medication on the nightstand.

She shook her head. “I won’t be needing those pills tonight.” The medication she was given helped her, she worried she would overdose after taking one.

She sighed and snuggled deeply into her sheets. She continued deeply into her thoughts, questioning of these visions or strange happenings were either dreams or the real thing.

She sighed, she’d get her answer eventually. And maybe she’d be able to see Jeff once more and hopefully her parents would approve of their love. But it was only in her fantasies. This was reality. But was everything, including the vision from earlier, actually real? She didn’t quite understand. Yet. She was more focused on getting some rest. She didn’t have any energy left to toss and turn in her bed to get comfortable, she just flopped on the bed and shut her eyes. Hoping to at least for a little sleep.

Caitlin suddenly awoke to a sudden sound of sobbing. She looked out of her window and shrugged, she didn’t want to wake up her parents so she opened her window and jumped outside, looking around. She soon meet eyes with a midget Lucario. It was Rama.

“Rama? Dude, what are you doing here? It’s like, I don’t know, the middle of the night.” She sat beside the little Lucario, he was around the same height as Lucario Jr., So it wasn’t hard for them to become fast friends.

He even got along with Caitlin easily. He was able to tell her anything he wasn’t able to tell even Marim.

He met eyes with the orange haired Lucario. “I-I’m worried...I’ve been having this nightmare...I don’t know what the heck to do…”

Caitlin closed her eyes and became deep in thought.

“Well, Rama. What are these nightmares about anyway?” She had to know what they were about before she could help, Rama understood but he wasn’t able to tell her what they were really about.

“I-I can’t say…” He whispered softly.

Caitlin nodded slowly in response. “I’ve been having the similar problem. Only no one tells me nor do I understand why it’s happening. It probably as to do with someone I met along time ago.”

Rama looked up at the Lucario again. “Do you really think it means that?”

“Well, I think it’s the perfecting meaning for a couple of freak shows like yourselves.”

They both turned their heads to see Devon, Elizabeth, Gengar and his friends (Team Meanies), along with Zangoose (Caitlin’s next door bully).

Rama didn’t say anything. All Caitlin did was stare with a bored and annoyed expression. “You trying to imply something about my abilities or something again?”

Elizabeth stared at the Lucario, smoking a cigarette.

The Vespiquen exhaled and a cloud of smoke filled her space, the aroma of nicotine nearly made Caitlin gag. “Nah, I’m just saying you’re in love with your imaginary boyfriend ‘cause you’re insane.”

Caitlin slammed her paws on the ground. “I am not insane! Jeff is real! Just like Vincent’s psychic powers are real!”

All the group of six (excluding Elizabeth) only laughed. Elizabeth started to smirk. “Vincent, doesn’t even know how to use or even control aura. You’re just like him, always being blinded by love and blinded by what you see before you and always living in the clouds.”

Caitlin clenched her fists tightly in anger and rage.

Her knuckles grew as white as snow. “And that’s why we think that you deny everything about Jeffery. Because you can’t get yourself a real man!”

At that moment, Caitlin snapped and charged at them with a force palm attack at ready, unfortunately her attack missed and was pinned against a tree by Zangoose.

Rama stormed right up to them in a fit of rage. “Let her go!”

Zangoose smirked maliciously. “What are you gonna do if I don’t pee-wee?”

Elizabeth stopped Zangoose and was more focused on Caitlin than Rama. “In a minute, darling. I’m just going to say some vords of visdom to her.”

The bee leaned against the female Lucario whispering in her ear her “words of wisdom”, Caitlin tried her best not to show any tears. “Listen “princess”, you can’t get your prince charming just by making him up and hope he comes to reality in your own imagination. It’s time for you to grow up. Life isn’t always happy and joyful. Deal vith it!”

With that, Zangoose threw the Lucario to the ground and leaving her there broken hearted and hurt emotionally. The group followed along. It was that that moment, Caitlin was allowed to cry. She sobbed harder and harder.

Rama ran over to her patting her arm. “Please don’t cry. I believe you about Jeff.”

Caitlin turned away from Rama. His comfort didn’t seem to be quiet enough for her emotions to cease it’s negativity.

Everyone’s just saying all this to make me feel better...They don’t believe me...I wish I had some evidence to prove that he’s real.


A while after Caitlin calmed down, Rama smiled up at her. “Feeling better now?”

Caitlin nodded.

“Good. Now you’d better go back inside the house before your parents find out you snuck out.”

“Right. Rama, one more thing.” Rama looked up at the female Lucario.

She started to smile. “Thanks, Rama.”

Rama smiled and nodded. “It’s no trouble at all. I’ll see ya later!” He headed out into the forest.

Caitlin sighed and hurried back up the window and was about to close it when she saw the tall figure again.

She sighed. “I know what you’re trying to do to me, Slenderman. You’re not allowed in here, Slendy!” She slammed her window shut and plopped on her bed.

She shut her eyes tightly repeating to herself: I won’t go insane, it’s my imagination. I won’t insane, it’s my imagination. I won’t go insane, it’s my imagination. She repeated this for about another ten minutes.

Her system finally let her into a deep slumber. She dreamt about her and Jeff getting back together, she helped him cut down on his murders through her own therapeutic work, she announced her marriage to her parents, her father accepted Jeffery at last, it skipped ahead to their own dream life, with good careers, a family, and a beautiful home. But sady, it wouldn’t happen in reality, to her.

She did pray or in her case, wished with all her heart it would happen.
Silenced Souls
Here's Chapter 2! And stuff really goes down in this one. But there's more to come tomorrow....maybe I should change to having each chapter uploaded on Wensdays as well. hmm 

Lucaria & Henri-:iconhenrithelucario: & :iconlucaria-rukario:
NightStar-ME! X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and GameFreak
Chapter 1: The Lullaby

Sheldon had come early from working off of him. He entered the Aura Base, with a strong feeling of exhaustion. He went to his room and plopped on his bed. Shutting his eyes, he wished to be younger once again. He sighed as he drifted off to sleep.

He didn’t have any trouble worrying about his son or his baby daughter. He had his wife, friends, parents, and siblings to look after them, including some other friends and younger friends he saw as sons or daughters to him and even other family members.

It was Napoleon, Vincent, Rupert, and Ross from Elisa’s home, not too far away. She and his trainer, Caitlin, both lived next door to each other, so it wasn’t hard for the boys to bring the kids back home.

Sheldon suddenly awoke from a horrifying nightmare of his mother’s death. He took a few deep breathes to collect his thoughts, he rose out of his bed and hurried towards Jenna’s farm. He wanted to be sure his kids were alright. He found Napoleon looking after the kids while Vincent and Rupert were enjoying their PokeCola on the back porch and Ross kept a bit of his distance from Napoleon, not wanting Napoleon to beat him up or anything.

Sheldon walked up to Vincent, he trusted Vincent a little bit more with children, he saw Vincent as family after all. “Vince, how are the kids? Are they okay?”

Vincent’s eyes met with Sheldon’s. “They’re fine, don’t worry. They’re inside with the girls. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Sheldon took a deep breath of relief, he was at least happy enough to know his son and daughter were still safe. He sat down on the porch step, trying to relax again but trying his best not to fall asleep and return to the nightmare, welcoming it to his mind again.

It was getting late in the evening, it was going to be dark soon. Sheldon hated darkness for a reason. He feared demons and dark spirits that entered the world at night. He saw Veruka and Cotton carrying Lucario Jr. and Charlotte in their arms. The two children were sleeping soundly.

Sheldon smiled at the sight of his children sleeping soundly. “Thanks again, for looking after them. Cotton, you and Veruka wouldn’t mind carrying the kids home would you?”

Cotton simply smiled. “We don’t mind at all, Sheldon.”

Sheldon nodded in response. “Thank you.”


Later that night, Sheldon awoke to the sound of Charlotte’s wails, he rushed into the nursery to make sure she was alright. He instantly entered his daughter’s room and speed walked towards her crib. He slowly parted Charlotte from the comfort of her crib. A father’s comfort was more important to the baby Riolu at this point. Sheldon cradled his daughter in his arms.

He wanted to do what he could to comfort his poor daughter. It was obvious she awoke from a horrifying nightmare and wanted to be near either her mother or father, mostly her father, and yearned for the comfort of either one.

Sheldon was her only hope in that. “Shh, it’s okay. Daddy’s here now, don’t cry. Please?” His slightly comforting plead wasn’t working as well as he had planned it would.

He was trying to think of something to help her. He did recall when Lucario Jr. was born, he did write a lullaby to encourage his son to become braver and stronger in the future when he would go out into the world when he was old enough. When Charlotte was born, he would use the similar lullaby to her, but he was too focused at the moment to remember the words to the song he wrote.

He had to think of a different one. Sheldon sat down and started rocking his daughter slowly and gingerly, still trying to calm her down as she gripped on to his soft fur. A light bulb flashed above his mind as he finally collected the words that were needed for a new lullaby. He hummed the tune lightly, it was similar to the song Discord sang to his daughter, Joy Eris, to calm her down from extreme sadness or panthogoloical fears.

Please do not cry, my dear. Your daddy is so very here.
And if someone dares, to bring you sadness or fear
I will bring them pain, and they all drown in aura rain.
‘Cause I am your Daddy Sheldon, and you are a part of me.

Charlotte stopped her sobbing and looked up at her father as he looked down at her, it was clear as the expression on his face if he wanted to know if she liked the lullaby her father sang to her. Charlotte started to smile and giggle lightly and she even began clapping her paws lightly, she wanted Sheldon to sing more of the lullaby.

Sheldon chuckled lightly. “I’m glad you’re liking it, sweetheart.” Sheldon smiled and continued on.

Oh simple daughter of mine, without you, I would be so lost.
I will be here for you, no matter what the tragic cost.
Our strong aura spells, will give us a brand new form of strength.
‘Cause you, are my daughter, Charlotte, and you, are the apple of my eye.

Charlotte smiled and yawned with a small squeak. Sheldon placed her back in her crib, putting a blanket over her, putting a pacifier in her mouth and placing a Pichu plushie by her side, she smiled as she was finally able to sleep again. Sheldon was wanting to stay by his daughter’s side, he sat down again, this time determined to stay awake.


It had been a while since the incident when a young child had lost his sanity and became what people fear today. This was Jeff, or as he’s called now a days, Jeff the Killer. Jeff didn’t seem to feel any remorse from what had happened years ago. If he hadn’t lost his family or his sanity when Randy broke him, he would’ve gotten the help he never knew he need. But he still felt nothing of it. He just sat there, on his laptop, the light shone brightly through the dark abyss of the room he sat in.

A sudden knock was at the door. “What now?” Jeff questioned himself, feeling rather annoyed.

He looked around the house to find no one at all. He shrugged and continued on to what he was more focused on.

The “feeling” hadn’t come back to him for what seemed like years to him. But he knew it’d come back at anytime at any moment and at anyday. He suddenly shot up at a certain sound. It sounded almost like his mother, but he remembered how his mother sounded before she was killed.

He fought the urge to call to her and continued to listen to the voice. It was singing a lullaby he remembered from when he was so much younger, but the lyrics were so much different from when he remembered. The lyrics were somehow altered.

Go to sleep, close your eyes
I’ll stay right here, until the moon’s arise
Snooze away, don’t you cry
I’ll will protect you, until the demons die

This voice as also familiar, but not in the way of his mother, but in the way of an old friend whom he hadn’t seen in what seemed like forever.

He shrugged it off and thought nothing of it. “I’m probably just hearing things again.” He managed to continued on to what he was focused on. But the same lullaby that he heard.

He then looked over at a picture of a young girl, her red hair was straight, it wasn’t perfect nor was it a total mess, it was perfect enough for Jeff. Her eyes seemed to be crystally deep blue sapphires. Her smile was friendly and bright. Jeff sighed, that was one of his first friends. He used to like Jane, but not after what happened in what was a “battlefield” he fell out of her trap of love. His heart was set on the girl in the picture.

He continued to to stare at the picture, his lifeless yet very murderous eyes began to water. Where did he go wrong? Why didn’t he stop himself before he made that mistake of losing his one friend? Why was she so angry with him? The questions continued to burn in Jeff’s mind, boiling and bubbling like a pot of hot water on the burning stove.

He took a deep breathe. “If I saw you again...I would like to say...I...I’m sorry...I’m so don’t know how sorry I am...I’M SORRY!!!” He repeated his apology, screaming for the acceptance to his apology, he knew he wouldn’t get an answer, but he had to let it out.

He still longed for his friend’s return. She was the only one he cared about, even after he lost his sanity. He missed her, more than he missed anyone at all.
Silenced Souls
IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!! OUO :phew: each chapter one by one will be posted on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

It all starts off with an unexpected beginning. Again, I've had this idea since last summer. It goes of to an intresting start, but you all know how things like this are, guys. Anyways, I hope you like this new serise and I hope to continue it and it's gonna be much longer than my pervious stories, trust me. =3

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