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Alright guys, I've got another idea; I'll be offline Mondays-Fridays but will only be avalible on holiday-vacations and the weekends instead of the other way around. It'll be easier for me that way. Plus it'll mean some other things I can't really think of or name at the very least. ^^;

But there will be some good things coming up in the very distant future and here a few things that are going to be coming up in the future and just a few things to list. (Keep reading for more stuff guys ;) )

Spheal There's gonna be a few holiday art involving furries now and stay tuned for those new drawings.
Froakie Mostly furry stuff now but there will still be some Pokemon and other types of media involved with what I find fun and intresting
#001 Bulbasaur Of course with Christmas on the way, I've decided to create a 25 days Christmas art and even though I'll barely be online seven days of the week, I will post a Christmas picture everyday of the week for the countdown to Christmas days. Staring with day one which is a major surprise.
Pokemon Eevee Icon - Free to Use There's also gonna be some more stories on the way too involving furries, Pokemon, and other media of the sorts (Soul Eater, Black Butler, My Little Pony, etc). So keep an eye out for that
Jigglypuff There's gonna be more stories (not involving holidays of anykind) but inspired by videogames, movies, tv shows, etc.
Luvdisc Finally, I will post Christmas art-gifts for everyone like I did last year. Of course, I'll chose a few people that I will draw for. I'll make a list this time and I will check it twice. Call me Mrs. Claus if you will. ;)

That's all for this journal you guys. Oh, one more thing; for this year I have a wishlist of my own. Inspired by :iconlukurio:, if you saw her DA journal, she did a Christmas wishlist of her own and this year I'll do two. One for DA and one for just randomness because, I'm Caitlin and Caitlins are always random. Or maybe I'm the only Caitlin who is random. :XD:
Anyways here's the one for DA first:
1.) Some fanart and fanfics would be nice. I'll have some suggestions if you guys would like some and some character refferences will be posted soon and as soon as I get them done which will be probably after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. (never go shopping on Black Friday guys, it's like a masscare in those stores).
2.) I want you guys to give me a chanllegne for my drawings and stories; they can involve animes, videogames, furries, etc. I want to be challenged in the year of 2016 (which is when the challenges start off)
3.) I want everyone to have a safe and fun Christmas this year and to make 2016 the best year of their lives

And finally the one for randomness
1.) Pokemon stuff (You guys knew that was coming :XD: )
2.) Soul Eater and Black Butler merch
3.) Black Viel Brides merch and My Chemical Romance merch
4.) My Neighbor Totorro on DVD
5.) My Little Pony merch
6.) Adventure Time merch
7.) Disney merch
8.) Video Games (WiiU, Minecraft for the XBox 360, Lollipop Chainsaw for the Xbox 360, 3DS, Portal/Portal 2, Sonic Games, Mario Games, etc) And for those of you wondering "why the xbox 360?" I got a hamy down one from my stepmom's brother. Her family is awesome. ^w^
9.) Gift Cards (get 'em every year XD)
10.) For peace on Earth for once in everyone's lives (Ik it's cliche but people need to show more kindness to one and other and the pain needs to stop and so do the wars).

Now that's gonna be it for this journal you guys. Remember to watch and fave if you chose to do so and stay tuned for all the other stuff you guys would like to see out of my gallery. ;)

Stay awesome, stay beautiful, and stay strong. Peace

:fluttershy: School work, house work, and anything that doesn't have to do with projects on DA, YT, etc
:pinkiepie: I'll be working on some speed drawings, artwork, stories, etc.
:twilightsparkle: I'll be filming/scripting seirse(s) for both of my YT channels (RioluPuppy and LucarioKitty)
:rainbowdash: I have some requests I need to finish for :icontailsluigi-dewott:, and other projects requested by others as listed.
:applejack: I have some other hobbies and intrests I would like to do outside of the inernet world and will be doing said hobbies and intrests
:rarity: I want to take some breaks from the internent, laptop, and social media sites before my mind goes into a warp of all things involoving insanity and before my emotional attacks rise again along with my inner demons

And I have some ideas for the future too, and these future projects are the following:
Sleepy Sparky Silenced Souls 2: Shadows Within (Squeal to Silenced Souls involving insperation by Persona 4)
Eevee Pinball sprite revamp Five Nights At Baby Freddy's (inspired by KudleyFan93's FNAF Fanfiction-Baby Boom)
Satisfied Lucid's Revenge (as you saw from the sneak peek coverart for the fanfic and inspired by the Batman video game; Harely Quinn's Revenge and a semi-sequeal/mini-prequel to Daddy's Girl and Momma's Girl)

Shaymin avatar Night*Star The Comic (inspired by :icontamarinfrog:'s Random Doom, :iconpiqueraj:'s TEAPO, :icongeneralgibby:'s It Started With a Boom, and the Pokemon games and anime)
Animated Zorua Sprite/ icon Poke-Rugrats (a comic inspired by the Rugrats cartoons)
Cubone Silent Asperia (a story involving a bunch of furries and inspired by horror stories)
Jolteon Avatar Free To Use! Isania High (a story inspired by a bunch of cliched high school movies, books, and sic-coms)
Blinking Charmander Avatar Baby*Star Stories and comics (if none of you have figured it out by now or need a refreshment in your memory, the Baby*Star seirse involves the younger children in the Night*Star seirse)
Mew Holiday chapter stories (random chapter stories involving different holidays and will be MUCH better than the short stories I wrote in the past)
Vulpix Random Doom fanfiction and fanart (because it's been a while since I've done any fandom random doom related for :icontamarinfrog: )
Quilava Unfinished stories and projects (because they need to be done)
Togepi Figure out what to do with some new future upcoming projects in the future

And that's all I wanted you guys to know. If any of you would like a commission, request, art-trade, collab, etc. please let me know in the comments. I'll leave a link to my commission info: Comissions Are Opened

If you guys would like any requests (or any art thing at all) please notify me in the comments or send me a note and I will see what I can do. Because I REALLY NEED SOME RIGHT NOW! It's raining here where I live and the rain has drained me from everything! I really need some guys. Please?

Commission List:
(friends only, need some)

Request List:
(friends only)
TL the Dewott resting inside SM's belly (vore related)-:icontailsluigi-dewott:
Being eaten by a flygon (vore related)-:iconsnivypootis:

Art-Trade List:
(friends only)

Lucario Character as Link from LoZ-:iconericthelucario:

Collab List:
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A Thankful Thanksgiving CoverArt by CaitlinTheLucario
A Thankful Thanksgiving CoverArt
I think Sheldon wants some of that pie but I want that there turkey. 

Night*Star-ME X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and GameFreak
Chapter 4

Caitlin finally arrived at the door and took a deep breath and collected her thoughts. “Okay, I can do this. Just say hi and wait for the invite inside.” She just stood at the door and waited patiently as she rang the doorbell and took another breath. Once the door swung opened, Caitlin smiled to see the jackal. “Hey El’Roc!”

El’Roc smiled in return. “I’m really glad you made it, Caitlin. I didn’t have time to cook anything else so is lasagna alright?”

Caitlin smiled. “Oh it’s fine. It’s all cheese and sauce right? No burger? Because I kinda have a thing about burger meat in my food…”

“Nope. No burger.”

Caitlin smiled as she was finally invited and entered the house and sat down at the table next to El’Roc. But her happiness eventually faded and looked down at her paws as El’Roc poured in a glass of Dr. Pepper. El’Roc immediately noticed Caitlin’s change in mood and started to become concern.

“Is...everything okay?”

Caitlin looked up at the jackal and took a breath before speaking. “’s just...I promised my families I’d be there for Thanksgiving dinner and...I kinda chose love over family…” She put her head down and became deep in thought.

All El’Roc could do was smile. “Hey, it’s alright. How about we create a new plan. We’ll both be there for dinner with your families.”

Caitlin’s head lifted up. “I suppose that would work. Is it alright if we bring the lasagna too?”

El’Roc nodded and chuckled.


A while after, Luna entered the kitchen to check on the turkey and noticed her husband laying down on the floor like a dog next to Shadow, the family Mightyena. Luna sighed. “Your doctor put you on a diet and now the dinner is partially ruined because you aren’t allowed to eat anything, correct?” Sheldon said nothing but passed Luna’s guess off as a lucky one. Luna smiled and knelt down by her husband’s side. “Sweetie, maybe this dieting thing has been harder on you than any other; how about this? I’ll just put you on some mild exercises, okay?”

Sheldon couldn’t believe what he was hearing at that very moment. Human doctors didn’t know squat about Pokemon, but Luna did. Heck, she IS a Pokemon Doctor for crying out loud. Sheldon jumped up and ran around in a circle, barking happily all the while. Luna chuckled but turned back towards the uncooked dinner. It was in that moment she struck gold, she pulled out her iphone and speed-dialed Caitlin’s number. It seemed like Luna already had this planned ahead of time.

Caitlin got on the motorcycle and checked her phone after a few seconds of speaking with Luna she immediately took off to finally arrive home. She and El’Roc got off the vehicle and both prepared to enter inside. Caitlin took a breath and looked at El’Roc.

“Okay, Luna told me to go into the kitchen and help her and she needs you to distract the massive family of mine. You ready to do it, sugarcube?” Caitlin asked with a slightly flirty expression.

El’Roc blushed and smiled. “I suppose so.”

Caitlin nodded. “Let’s do this.” Without another word, the girl opened the door. Everyone turned their heads to see her and El’Roc. Needless to say, they were more happy to see Caitlin. She casually said hello after everyone cheered her name. The children were more excited than ever, especially Cole. “Sis! I was getting worried!”

Caitlin chuckled and hugged her little brother. “Cole, I wouldn’t miss this family dinner for the world.”

Obi and Base had their focus on El’Roc and it wasn’t really positive. “So, you’re the man who flirted with my little girl at that party, aren’t you?” Obi asked, trying his best not to sound too harsh or protective wanting to save Caitlin’s embarrassment for the time being. El’Roc got even more nervous, knowing that Obi was possibly one of Caitlin’s father figures. Base cracked his knuckles. “Even though Cait gets under my skin, you ‘oughta be good to my little sister. Or you’ll have to deal with me!”

“Daddy! Base!” Caitlin growled and gave a comforting look to El’Roc. “Don’t worry about them, as long as I’m not pregnant or heartbroken or as long as you’re not an abusive man, they’re cool with you around me.” El’Roc smiled to know that comforting piece of information. Caitlin turned back to Cole. “I’m really glad I’m here and I’m glad El’Roc came along with me so he can have a family to spend time with too. Since I brought him, he’s part of this family as much as I am.”

Cole hugged his sister tightly. “I thought you were gonna come and you’d forget about us.”

Caitlin hugged back. “Lil’ bro, I wouldn’t forget about this family for the world.” She then got back up on her feet. “Now, Luna said she needed me in the kitchen for a while. El’Roc how about you sit down with the family and get to know them a little better.” Without another word or being said anything else, Caitlin made her way into the kitchen. Luna smiled and left, leaving the rest up to Caitlin.

Sheldon hugged Caitlin and barked happily. “I guess Luna gave you an alternative, didn’t she?” Sheldon nodded. “I thought so.”

Caitlin then looked the chicken over and smirked, knowing what to do. She bent down and looked through the sink-cabinets and pulled out her exclusive Lollipop Chainsaw chainsaw she made while watching a diy video to actually make it. “I knew I kept this thing for emergencies. STAND BACK SHELDON! THIS IS WAR!” Caitlin cranked up the juice on the chainsaw and started cutting the turkey up into slices, extreme style. Once that was finished she smiled and turned off the device. “There we go. Now to sprinkle a bunch of bread on these bad boys and boil ‘em into a deep fat fry.”

Sheldon barked and howled with joy. Caitlin chuckled as she bedded the turkey slices in bread and then put them in a pot of oil and moved on to the sweet potatoes. “Okay let’s see…” She pulled out a book of family recipes and smiled. “Ah, here we are.” She picked up the already peeled and sliced sweet potatoes and put them in a bowl and mashed them up and added brown sugar to make the taste a little more sweeter and placed them in the microwave for a minute and thirty seconds. She continued all of this until the food was finally done.

Sheldon smiled. “Girl, you know how to make a quick and easy Thanksgiving dinner.”

Caitlin smiled. “Thanks Sheldon.” She cupped her paws around her mouth and shouted loudly. “SOUPS ON EVERYONE! COME AND GET IT!!!”

Almost instantly, everyone immediately entered the kitchen and started eating. Caitlin and Sheldon sighed and laughed and sat down with everyone else and ate happily. Sheldon smiled at Caitlin. “I know one thing I’m thankful for now. Caitlin. Without this girl, this dinner wouldn’t be awesome.”

Caitlin smiled. “Thanks Sheldon. (I guess.) I know how to make a quick and easy dinner.”

El’Roc smiled. “I like that in you. You are an amazing cook and you are definitely the perfect one at that.” He leaned in for a kiss but Caitlin stopped him and chuckled nervously. “Um, maybe not now in front of my brother or my dad…”

El’Roc looked over at Base and Obi, they glared at him, telling him not at the table or something similar to that. He chuckled nervously. “You’re probably right…”

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh. This really was a thankful Thanksgiving.

A Thankful Thanksgiving
And another story done. :phew: 
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Emote Turkey 

Special guest apperances-:iconelrocart::iconcole-the-riolu:, and :iconpiqueraj:'s TEAPO and other related characters
Night*Star-ME! X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and Gamefreak
Chapter 3

The next morning, Caitlin awoke rather earlier than she normally would on certain holidays as this. Normally she slept in until eight or nine am. But she already got dressed and placed a note on the fridge explaining where she was going to be and when she would be back. She got on her motorcycle Base had handed down to her on her birthday (he rode it only once or twice so it was technically brand new) and quietly drove off to El’Roc’s house, but first, to a dinner for breakfast.

Luna had arrived downstairs into the kitchen and sighed as she saw the note and knew what was going on already. “Caitlin...if only you’d stop and think before you act…” She said to no one in particular before taking out the turkey and seeing Sheldon as she smiled. “Good morning, Sheldon. Slept well?”

All her husband did was growl, even that couldn’t surprise or scare her. “Well, aren’t we nasty today? Try as you might, koibito, Caitlin already spoiled my mood. But hopefully she’ll be home in time for her family to arrive. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to continue cooking.” She said as she continued on with her task. Sheldon huffed and grabbed a cup of unsweetened coffee without cream. What was the point of putting cream and sugar in the coffee if he was already on this stupid diet. He was just fine the way he was.

Just then the phone rang. Luna cleaned the butter off of her paws and walked into the living room to answer it. “Hello? Obi, knochiwa!”

Sheldon glared at Luna as she talked on the phone with his brother/partner. “Hmph...what good is Thanksgiving if I can’t even eat anything…” Just then, a sudden evil idea ran through his head. Of course, evil ideas were always Obi’s influence, Sheldon stood up and put his now emptied coffee cup in the sink. “If I can’t enjoy this holiday that celebrates eating, I’ll make sure no one will.”


A few hours in as both of Caitlin’s family arrived (biological and adopted) they all sat down in the living room. Base and Obi paid attention to the football game as the two cheered for which team won. Although, the younger siblings of Caitlin’s wondered where she was and hoping she was going to arrive soon. Luna began to worry.

“Helen...I’m...worried about Caitlin. What if she arrives late. You don’t know her as well as I do. She’s more of a night-wolf than a day-cat.” Normally it was night-owl and morning-glory, but knowing Caitlin, she loved to switch things up.

Helen, a jinx that was recently hired by Luna not too long ago, smiled with comfort. “Oh, Lulu. I wouldn’t worry about that little smitten-kitten. She’s on a date with a man she’s fallen in love with. She’ll be walking through that door before ya know it, sugah.” She said in a sweet voice.

Luna smiled, knowing Caitlin, she put her family before her love. “I suppose so.”

“WHOOHOO!!!!!” Base yelled in excitement. “TARHEELS! TARHEELS!”

“No!No!No!No!!!” Obi facepalmed in defeat. “The Panthers had a chance!!!”

Base laughed in victory. “You owe me a Dr.Pepper!” The wolf-lion's ears suddenly perked up, remembering it was one of Caitlin’s favorite sodas, he finally spoke to Luna. “Say, where is that crazy little fur-ball anyways?”

Luna’s eyes lite up. Was Base actually concerned about Caitlin? Even though the two got under each other’s skin more than usual, they still cared about each other. “Well...remember that boy she met at that Halloween party?”

Pique immediately jumped up and down. “Did he finally ask her out?!?” A tear of joy fell from his eye. “My little sister is growing up so fast…”

“Yes happened to be today…”

Everyone’s cheerfulness immediately turned to sadness. Cole, one of Caitlin’s younger siblings, walked up to Luna with a worried expression. “She’s gonna come for dinner...right?”

Luna smiled. “Of course she is, Cole.” ‘(I hope…)’

A Thankful Thanksgiving
Ik most of these characters don't really have a lot to say in this chapter but I was in a hurry.

Special guest apperances-
:iconcole-the-riolu: and :iconpiqueraj:'s TEAPO and other related characters
Night*Star-ME! X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and Gamefreak
Chapter 2

Caitlin sat in the waiting room with a very nervous Sheldon on her lap. The harder part was to at least find him and actually take him to the Pokemon Center. She could already tell he hated being here, it brought back bad memories of vaccinations and being here for the first time after being kidnapped by Team Rocket when he was a baby Riolu. Once Sheldon’s name was called, Caitlin picked up her Lucario and walked into the room. It smelt like sanitation as it always did. She sat her Lucario on the hospital bed and left the room as ordered by the doctor. She waited for what seemed like forever but was really about twenty-five minutes. Once the doctor came back with Sheldon. She got up on her feet.

Concern was the only expression on her face. “Is he doing alright, doctor?”

“Well, there’s good news and bad news.”

Sheldon groaned. “I hate this part…”

“The good news is he’s healthy as a ponyta.”

“And the bad news?” Caitlin asked rubbing her paws anxiously.

“The bad news is he’s as big as an ursaring!”

Caitlin tilted her head. “What are you talking about, he’s the normal size he’s always been since he evolved!”

“Yes but…” The doctor looked at the clipboard and pointed at a particular spot on a sheet of paper. “He’s gained twenty more pounds! And I highly suggest you put him in a strict diet!”

Caitlin was about to stand up for her Sheldon but not wanting to make a fool of herself, reluctantly agreed with the doctor. With an angry Sheldon finally in the car, she was on her way home. She sighed, she wanted to apologize to her best friend but knowing he’d say something along the lines of “don’t even talk to me if you’re not gonna stand up for me” she thought it would be best not to speak to him for a while.

Once they arrived home, Caitlin did her normal night routine and sighed. She reminded herself that tomorrow was her date with El’Roc and hopefully everyone would understand.

A Thankful Thanksgiving
Ik this one's short but I was in a hurry with this story. (I got the chapters mixed up on this one. ><)

Night*Star-ME! X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and Gamefreak
Chapter 1

"Okay, so you guys are prepared to come over for Thanksgiving dinner then?" Caitlin asked her adopted brother, Pique, over the phone. She smiled happily. "Awesome sauce, bro. I'll see you then and there. Bye." She causally beeped her phone and her ears perked up to the sound of Sheldon screaming. She immediately ran over to see what the fuss was about. "Did, he put his paw on the oven without an oven mitt again?" Luna sighed and nodded. Caitlin shook her head and her ears shot up. "That reminds me, I gotta get the turkey! I'll be right back you two!" Before either one of 'em said a word, Caitlin headed out the door with nothing but her jacket and her purse and made her way towards the store.

Luna smiled and shook her head. "Well, I can tell she's already prepared for this year's dinner."


Caitlin looked around the meat section and tilted her head at the prices then looked back at her purse to see if she had either a credit card handy, coupons ready, and also some extra stacks of cash just in case. "Excuse me." The lioness's ears perked up and turned around to find the same jackle she met at that downtown Halloween festival a few days back. Immediately realizing this, she began blushing a light shade of pink. The jackal did the same. "Oh...hello again..." He said smiling nervously. "You're that girl who was dressed up as...a fox pirate, correct?"

Caitlin nodded. "Th-that was me."

The jackal smiled. "I don't know if you remember my name's El'Roc...a-an-and you are?"

Caitlin said nothing for a moment before returning to reality and smiling in the friendliest manner she could find. "Oh, it's Caitlin. Caitlin Hope Roarston. But you can call me Cait or just Caitlin...El'Roc."

"Well, okay, "just Caitlin"."

Caitlin couldn't help but giggle at El'Roc's joke. "I had a feeling you'd laugh at that."

"So, um, El'Roc were you just about to get that piece of poultry?"

The two then looked back at the turkey then looked at each other. "Oh, sorry. Here, let me help you." El'Roc took the turkey and gently placed it in the girl's cart. "Oh, no, you don't have to do that, El'Roc."

"No, it's fine, Caitlin." He smiled and winked at the lioness. Caitlin giggled and blushed. “Hey you wanna go on a date sometime this week? I’m not busy with anything.”

“Sounds fun.” El’Roc smiled. “How about tomorrow?”

Caitlin nodded without thinking. “Sure, I’m not doing anything special tomorrow. I’ll see you there.”


Caitlin returned home with a big smile on her face as she put away the groceries. Luna smiled, already knowing what was going on inside of her head. “I see someone’s pretty happy.”

Caitlin turned to face Luna, still having that dreamy look on her face. “I just met the sweetest guy ever, you remember the Halloween party in town a few weeks ago?” Luna nodded in response. Caitlin continued on. “Well the same guy I met at that party was the guy I met at the store and he was super sweet! His name’s El’Roc.”

Luna smiled. “If I’m correct I would have to say that you have found your significant other.” Caitlin giggled. Luna continued to pry as she put away her signature dish in the refrigerator. “And has he asked you out on a date yet?”

Caitlin nodded. “Tomorrow night for dinner.”

Luna’s smile suddenly vanished. “Caitlin...did you know that tomorrow’s Thanksgiving?”

Caitlin’s happy expression disappeared as quickly as it was there. “Oh fudge nuggets...Okay, maybe I can--”

“You promised both of your families you’d be there for Thanksgiving dinner.” Luna interrupted and continued on. “You have to be there.”

“Luna, I already promised El’Roc I’d be there.” Caitlin said.

Luna could only sigh. “Well, you’re on your own with this one. Oh and one more thing, you need to get Sheldon to the Pokemon Center for his check up. Okay?”

Caitlin nodded. “Right.”

A Thankful Thanksgiving
Okay now this story was parcially inspired by Garfield's Thanksgiving all credit for the insperation goes to everyone's favorite fat cat, Garfield and his creator.

Special guest apperance-:iconelrocart:
Night*Star-ME! X3

Pokemon-Pokemon co, Nintendo, and Gamefreak


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Hi my name's Caitlin (Rukario as my last name because I don't want you all knowing my REAL last name just yet), let me tell you a little bit about me

I love creepypastas. Especially Pokemon creeypastas. I am easy-going and romantic and I am into music. shopping, videogames, cartoons, drawing, writing, karate, dancing, and I'm a BIG Voltaire fan! *high pitched fangirl scream* sorry force of habit and I'm into pokemon and a pegus-sister. I kinda fangirl of anything that I generally grow into basically. so I guess that's about it.

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Pink Grooda Sister: :icongooeybaumbs:

Long Lost Adopted Lucario Bro. :iconericthelucario:

Wolf Home Girl :iconwolfgirl1189:

Lucario Bro :iconzach-usa:

Inspirationors: :icontamarinfrog: :iconcherrysan94: :iconxxwounded-angelxx: :iconbennythebeast: :icondisneyfanatic2364: :iconpiqueraj: :iconrubyofblue: :iconlukurio: :iconnolongerechor: :iconbaylee-jae: :iconpokemonfromhell::iconsapphiresenthiss: :iconwolfroxy: :iconteamrocketspikachu: :icontrpspkmncreepypastas: :iconxmadame-macabrex:

Gaurdain Angels: :iconfalsewarrior: :icondj-equestrian-lp-fan: :iconaurapower: :iconelizabethpeterson: :iconranze-the-lucario: :iconsoftenedsongs:

Espeon Sister :iconrocket14:

Master :icontwilightbill:

Yoshi Brother :iconrespecttheyoshi:

Changeling Sister :iconphony-pony:

Scout Espeon Sister :iconfaiiingashes:

Kitty Sister :iconelizabethpeterson:

Baby Riolu Bro :iconshinjotakemoto:

Little Zorua Bro :iconzorua-rukario:

Serperior Sister :iconalexandranightshade:

Teacher :iconlucarlo:

Eevee Sister :iconpokewarriormelodies:

Aunt :iconsoba-the-totodile:

Lucario Warrior Sister :iconlukurio:

My Big Brother Best Friend Forever :iconpiqueraj:

RP Lil' Lucario Bro :iconpokemonfan291:

Shadow Lucario Bro :iconlucariofan843:

[=[_]=] put this on your channel if you
[+[_]::] have a DS

║(o)║♥♫Music is Life♫


║97% of you won't post this. When

║Jesus died on the cross he was

║thinking of you. If you're one of 3% that

║cares, put this on your profile.








put this on your profile if you have the spirit of a wolf in you!

------♥♥------ Put This

----♥♥-♥♥---- Ribbon

---♥♥---♥♥--- On Your

---♥♥---♥♥--- Page If

---♥♥---♥♥--- You're

----♥♥-♥♥---- Against

-----♥♥♥------ Animal

----♥♥-♥♥---- Abuse.

---♥♥---♥♥----It shows you care.



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Juilet: Be careful, Cubone!
Kitten: *sighs happily* He's so brave. ^w^
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